Top 7 Songs to Jam to During Quarantine

How many of us feel like we want to blow off some steam during quarantine? If there’s a possibility that we can throw house parties again or go clubbing without Tron suits (although that still seems pretty cool), here’s a song or two that I think DJs should add to their playlists:

Quarantine Song #1: The Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Version)

I think no matter what mood you’re in, if someone plays this song on a speaker – it will fire you up. The electrifying beat helps people loosen up, forget about everything else in their lives, and just party. This exhilarating music is exactly what we need during quarantine when bars and nightclubs are closed.

Quarantine Song #2: All Night Longer (Sammy Adams ft. B.o.B.)

There’s a solid chance you’ve heard this song if you’ve been to a frat party. Now why would frats and clubs play it so much? Well it has a nice beat to dance to and an overall exciting and laid-back feel to it. If you want to bring these feelings back into your quarantine life, give this song a shot.

Quarantine Song #3: Sandstorm (Darude)

If you just watched the music video, you probably wondered what the heck you just saw. I know I wondered the same thing. I’m adding this song to the list since I found the beat to be exhilarating. Imagine feeling carefree but times 1000 – that’s how this song makes me feel during quarantine.

Quarantine Song #4: Suave (Nayer ft. Pitbull, Mohombi)

I love this song because it makes you feel “ready to doo whatevah” 5 seconds in. Here, Nayer’s vocals do a great job in creating an exciting mood that makes you want to dance. So if you need your quarantine flirty dancing to be on point, I think this is the right song for you.

Quarantine Song #5: Zombie Nation (Kernkraft 400 – K Theory Trap Remix)

Like Sandstorm (Darude), this song has no lyrics but has a powerful and unique beat instead. It’s unique in that it gives you a feeling of victory or accomplishment. I can see how this song would be great to use for sports chants in a stadium. This song can provide people the confidence they need to truly have fun during quarantine.

Quarantine Song #6: Everytime We Touch (Cascada)

Hmm…if only I could actually fly I might have rated this song a bit higher. Kidding. This song can make you feel like you’re dancing with a romantic partner even if you’re single. I’m sure that we all want to bond with someone during quarantine that we can only see through Zoom or Facetime. So if you want to evoke that warm and fuzzy feeling, try playing this song. 

Quarantine Song #7: We Run The Night (Havana Brown ft. Pitbull)

I decided to add this song because of its fun, high-energy feel. I think the vocals here do a great job in getting people to ditch their inhibitions and just have fun. Although I thought that this song – unlike the others on the list – would vibe more with people in a club setting than during quarantine. 

Honorable Mention #1

The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) – Ylvis

Honorable Mention #2

Cotton Eye Joe (Rednex)

Honorable Mention #3

Gangnam Style (PSY)

These songs were just too unique to be on the list…

Overall, I think people should jam to songs that are uplifting, catchy, and fun to dance to in order to enjoy the quarantine experience.

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