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Top 10 Disney Cruise Destinations

The Disney Cruise Line has been praised for its amazing ships, on-board experiences and exciting excursions. It’s no surprise that the cruise ships themselves have plenty for you to do with waterslides, movies, character experiences and fine dining. However, the biggest decision is figuring out where your cruise will take you. From balmy beaches to historic castles, each place has its perks. Here are the 10 best Disney cruise destinations.

The Bahamas

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For warm weather, lots of sun and gorgeous beaches— go to the Bahamas. This Disney cruise is the definition of a perfect vacation. The highlight of this trip is Castaway Cay, a private island owned by Disney. Castaway Cay has water play areas, snorkeling, beach sports, characters and open-air bars and BBQ spots.


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You don’t have to visit just tropical islands when you cruise— Disney can bring you to stunning Greek and Italian islands. Visit the ruins of Pompeii, colorful Santorini architecture, and Athens, the center of Ancient Greece. So grab some pizza, explore the coasts and enjoy your time in the Mediterranean.


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When you think cruise, you’re probably not thinking snow and ice. However, a trip to Alaska is something everyone needs to cross off their bucket list. Voyage through the icy Alaskan waters and stop at ports to pan for gold, ride on a dog sled and view wildlife like elk and humpback whales. Your family will feel like a group of explorers on this rugged adventure!


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A trip to Hawaii includes lush jungles, giant waterfalls and gorgeous beaches. Be adventurous and explore the active volcanoes and rainforests. This Disney cruise gives you five days at sea, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy the musicals, characters and food onboard.

Be sure to bring these Hawaiian and Polynesian Disney characters along with you!

Norwegian Fjords

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For a fun family trip through Frozen lands, visit Norway! Relive the iconic Disney movie as you travel through the lands that inspired the characters Anna, Elsa and even Olaf! This picturesque landscape couldn’t be more beautiful, so come prepared to take pictures.

Southern Caribbean

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Start in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and travel through St. Maarten, Antiqua, St. Lucia and Barbados. Get a taste of Caribbean culture and relax on the beautiful beaches. On a Southern Caribbean cruise, you won’t have a care in the world, making it a perfect Disney cruise destination!


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Visit Victorian architecture and coastal cliffs on a cruise to Canada. This trip starts in New York and goes to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Although there aren’t as many destinations, it gives you plenty of time to enjoy the entertainment and food onboard the ship.


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For the ultimate island experience, cruise to Bermuda! This trip will give you scenic views, balmy weather and lots of beach. Take advantage of the open ocean and try some water sports or scuba diving. Going to sunny Bermuda gives you the opportunity to spend your days in total relaxation mode.

Northern Europe

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For a more historical trip, take a cruise through Northern Europe. Explore Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia on this trip. Discover hidden treasures like cathedrals and castles as you learn about the rich history of this part of the world. And after a busy day of touring ancient Europe, you can return to your ship for a familiar bed each night.

Panama Canal

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For white sand beaches and clear water, you’ll want to take the Panama Canal cruise. These ships will take you from the Gulf to the Pacific with stops in Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, Colombia and Grand Cayman. Live your tropical dreams and scuba dive, snorkel and see wild sloths and monkeys!

The only thing better than seeing Mickey and Minnie in a Disney park, is traveling with them all week on a cruise! Whether you want to explore ancient European cities or Carribean waters, there’s something for everyone. Thanks for reading our top ten Disney cruise destinations!

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