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Top Ten Reasons To Love Tom Holland

You probably know Tom Holland as the best Spiderman to grace the silver screen. What you don’t probably know about him is that he’s also an awesome big brother and an advocate for charity. Read on to find all ten reasons why we love Tom Holland.

Picture of Tom Holland
ABC/ Randy Holmes

1) He Brings Joy to Children’s Hospitals

Spiderman at children's hospital
The Children’s Hospital of L.A./ Instagram

In July of 2019, the stars of Spider-Man: Far From Home, were featured on the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’s Instagram page. There is no doubt the children were happy to receive a visit from Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhal, and Zendaya. How sweet is it of these celebrities to donate their time to make a child smile?

2) He’s a Dog Person

Tom Holland with his dog Tessa
Tom Holland/ Instagram

If you follow Tom Holland on Instagram, you’ll notice a page covered with quite a few pictures of Tom and his pup, Tessa. Tom’s beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier was lucky enough to attend the premiere of Dr. Dolittle with her adoring owner.

3) He Knows How to Dance

Tom began as a dancer
Tom Holland/ Instagram

Tom can thank dance for jumpstarting his career. According to Tom’s bio on, he first began hip-hop at Nifty Feet Dance Studio located in Wimbledon, London as a child. After a choreographer noticed his talents, he landed a role in a production of Billy Elliot the Musical on the West End. Thus, he launched his journey to stardom.

4) He Plays Guitar

Tom Holland playing guitar
Tom Holland/ Instagram

Tom is not only a phenomenal dancer and actor; he is musically talented as well. He knows how to play the guitar (and he looks really cute holding it, too!) We hope we get to see Tom play the guitar in one of his future roles or maybe produce an album on the side. Who knows?

5) Spiderman Was Always His Dream Role

Scene from Spiderman
Tom Holland/ Instagram

In this clip from 2013, a 16-year-old Tom Holland is asked what superhero he would wish to play someday. Can you guess his response? Spider-Man, of course! Maybe, he has psychic powers along with his spidey skills.

6) He Killed in His Lip Sync Battle Against Zendaya

Scene from Lip Sync Battle TV show
Tom Holland/ Instagram

This photo was taken moments before Tom Holland got down to Rhianna’s Umbrella on the Paramount Network’s Lip Sync Battle against his Spider-Man Homecoming co-star, Zendaya. We love Tom’s willingness to let loose on stage. We think Rhianna would be proud.

7) He Pals Around With His Costars

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal
Tom Holland/ Instagram

Whereas some celebrities are known for feuding with other stars, Tom Holland is known for making friends with his costars. In this interview, Holland jokingly refers to Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal, as his husband while Gyllenhaal requests that their relationship be referred to as a “straight-up romance” instead of a bromance. Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland are also pictured in a post on Holland’s page which shows the two playing with action figures of Spider-Man and Ironman. Finally, Holland sent Instagram birthday wishes to his co-star Zendaya in September 2019.

8) His “Disappearing” Scene in Infinity War Was Improvised

Spiderman from Avengers: Infinity War
SpidermaTom Holland/ Instagram

Mr. Stark… I don’t want to go. Talk about tears streaming! It’s no surprise that people would be upset at Spiderman’s passing in Avengers: Infinity War, but Tom’s acting made it ten times more emotional. Although, this scene was scripted Tom did develop the line “I don’t want to go” on his own. This is one of the saddest, most moving moments in Marvel cinema and we have Tom to thank for that.

9) He’s a Family Man

Tom Holland with his 3 brothers
Tom Holland/ Instagram

If there is one thing Tom makes obvious through his social media, it’s that family is a priority. He frequently posts pictures of his three brothers on Instagram and brings them along to his premieres and film sets. Not only is he a great older brother; he’s also a Momma’s boy. In this Instagram post he shares a picture of his mother and captions it with a “Love you Mum 🖤”. In a separate post, he wishes her a happy Mother’s Day. We applaud Tom for keeping his family close to his heart even as a celebrity.

10) He Supports Charity

Brothers Trust charity
Tom Holland/ Instagram

Tom’s parents founded a trust in 2017 to help raise funds for lesser-known charities. Using his stardom to help others, Tom contributes to his family’s efforts by promoting their events and encouraging his fans to donate to the trust. You can learn more about the Brother’s Trust and the work they do directly from their website!

Thanks for reading our Top Ten Reasons to Love Tom Holland! Tell us why you love Tom Holland below in the comments.

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