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Top Tips For Dealing With Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can be a pain, especially when it comes to the summer, where a lot of people may be prone to hayfever. When dealing with a seasonal allergy, it can be somewhat debilitating to your day, week or even month. Depending on what you suffer from and how severe it is, there are certainly ways to dealing with the allergy so that it doesn’t rule your life too much. With that being said, here are some helpful tips for dealing with seasonal allergies at all times of the year.

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Stay Indoors On Particularly Dry & Windy Days

Firstly, it’s important to stay indoors where you can, especially when it comes to particularly dry and windy days. Of course, you shouldn’t let your allergy rule what you do in life but if there’s a way of avoiding those days when the day might be particularly harmful to your allergies, then it will definitely help. The reason for staying indoors is that on these dry and windy days, you’re going to have a lot of pollen in the air due to the wind. The dry weather is going to allow that pollen to continue floating through the air instead of rainfall which would likely get rid of it somewhat. 

With that being said, try to avoid these days where you can unless it’s absolutely necessary. Make sure if it’s a plan that you’re organizing last-minute to go out, then just check the weather outside to see what it’s like. At least then, you can take precautions to hopefully eliminate as much of the problem as possible. Seasonal allergies can be made worse when the environment is right for that pollen to travel and for more of it to travel of course.

Take The Right Medication To Combat The Allergy

There are lots of allergy medications that you can take in order to combat the allergy. It’s important to try and find the suitable ones that aren’t going to react badly to your body, so make sure to always check the list of ingredients in case you’re allergic to anything else. The medication you have is obviously going to help, especially on the days where the allergies might be particularly debilitating to your day. A lot of these seasonal allergies will likely cause a number of symptoms but these symptoms can vary from person to person. It could be an itchy or stuffy nose, your eyes could be constantly streaming or you might have trouble breathing. 

Whatever it is, it’s always best to go to a doctor to know exactly what you need to get. A lot of the seasonal allergy tablets can be bought over-the-counter, so find the best available brand and the right strength to combat the allergies.

Remove Clothes & Shower When You’ve Been Outside

If you’ve braved the outdoors on a particular day where you’re like subjected to the pollen. Then there’s going to be certain things you do at home that you want to do as soon as you’re back from being outside. One of those things is to remove any of that pollen that’s currently on your body. As frustrating as it can be, you ideally want to remove your clothes and throw them straight into the washing machine and then shower your body. The reason for this is that you’re going to remove all of that pollen that’s just sitting on your clothes and skin. And when you’re allergic, you don’t want to be sitting around or moving around your home with them still attached to you. 

The sooner you get it off, the better. Not only that but you reduce the amount of pollen that’s collecting in your home and likely making your allergy worse as a result.

Don’t Hang Your Laundry Outside

Laundry – we all need to do it and it’s a never-ending cycle that you want to keep on top of. In the height of a seasonal allergy, if you’re doing the above, then you’ve probably got plenty of clothes that you’ll need to wash. One thing to remember is that you’re doing it to get off the pollen and what’s the one thing you don’t want to do when it’s drying? Putting it outside.

As much as it can be suitable to put it outside, if you allergic, it’s better to dry it indoors with ventilation. There’s a lot more risk of pollen sticking to your freshly cleaned clothes and you’ve gone and then defeated the point of washing them. It’s worth exploring any designs of washing lines that might provide a bit more protection in the way of pollen. However, if you’re trying to minimize your seasonal allergies as best as possible, it’s worth opting to dry your clothes indoors, than outdoors.

When washing them, make sure you to wash them on a hot cycle or one that’s going to really deep clean your clothes. There’s no harm in being extra diligent when it comes to your allergies. It’s worth it to learn more about seasonal allergies so that you get an understanding of how to avoid it moreso in your life.

Be Conscious Of Being Around A Freshly Tended Garden

For those with a seasonal allergy, their worst nightmare is likely being placed in a freshly tended garden. Perhaps where the lawn’s been mowed and the plants or flowers have been disrupted. This in itself causes the pollen to move around in the air and as mentioned, on a dry and windy day, that can be painful for your allergies. You should be able to enjoy your outdoor space without having to run inside to take your medication or to subject yourself to a runny nose and streaming eyes to match.

Try where you can, to avoid doing at work to your garden until you know that when you do it, you’re likely to go back out the next day or at least within the next few days. This will hopefully help everything to settle quickly so that you can get back out to enjoying that garden space of yours. If it helps, there’s a lot of protectors that are usually used in the winter time to protect plants but that might be useful for keeping away the pollen. 

Check Your Local TV Stations Or Online For Pollen Forecasts

Your local television stations and of course, the online world, will often refer to the pollen forecasts and count on a daily basis. During this high season, it’s always good to check beforehand when you’re making plans so that you can preempt the days that you want to avoid. It’s not that it becomes restrictive on your life but the choices you make are a little more conscious of how well your allergies are managed. You’d rather go out on a day that’s going to be at least a bit more bearable than the day before where it’s likely going to cause you a lot of trouble.

There’s plenty of apps and useful places to find this information and to have it available to you on a daily basis so you have it close to hand.

Try To Keep Windows & Doors Closed 

When indoors, even though it might be harder because of the heat on some days, try to keep your windows and doors closed. Over these summer months, you may have a habit of keeping the doors and windows open for the majority of the day, but that’s just going to make things problematic when it comes to the pollen in your home. Try to keep them closed or at least closer to that closed point to minimize the amount of pollen that’s flying into your home and causing you trouble.

Get An Air Purifier And A Dehumidifier 

A good way to help purify the air and to keep the pollen count down, in general, is to get an air purifier and a dehumidifier. These can be really good in just helping to create a cleaner air for your household. Not only does it help with allergies but it’s also going to make sure that you’re breathing in good air that is going to be great for your lungs. It’s an investment worth making where possible.

Rinse Your Sinuses

A good way of getting rid of the seasonal allergies that you are experiencing is to rinse out your sinuses. This is where your allergies are wreaking havoc on your body after all. If you can, give your sinuses a rinse out. There are different methods of doing this, so have a look online to see the best ones. It can be a useful treatment and home remedy that can help settle your allergies somewhat. Hitting that reset button never felt so good!

Dealing with seasonal allergies can be a pain and when they’re really severe, it can really impact your ability to enjoy the weather. Try to do what you can to minimize your contact on particularly high days and protect yourself with medication and home remedies where possible. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.