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Toy Story 4 Interview: Annie Potts Talks Bo Peep’s New Look & More

We all know how important movie and characters can influence who we become and how we see the world. Disney and Pixar take this seriously when they develop characters. I am so impressed with the personality that they developed for Little Bo Peep in Toy Story 4. She is strong, independent, sassy and confident. She encourages others to be the same way and what a breath of fresh air that is. In this interview with Annie Potts, the voice of Bo Peep that I was lucky enough to participate in during the Toy Story 4 press junket, you will see that independent, fun, confident spirit come to life.

Annie during her interview in Orlando, FL.
Photo by Jennifer Borget / Cherish 365.

Developing A Character

Annie says that each time she would see the script, it would feel like a new scavenger hunt to piece together all the facets that make up Bo’s personality. That’s what makes Bo so special to Annie. She’s multidimensional and required a lot of care to create (a whole team was created just for her called “Team Bo”).

As the pieces started to fit together more and more, Annie realized how big and important Bo’s role really would be to all the children (and adults) watching.

Annie and her character, Bo Peep.
Picture by Disney.

A Positive Role Model

“I have the privilege of presenting those qualities that are so admirable and inspiring. She’s been knocked around quite a bit, and she’s kept on going in a cheerful and inventive way,” Annie says, “I mean this girl drives a skunk mobile. No one is going to screw with her!”

She shared that she believes strongly, Bo Peep shows children what women can be. She says it’s an honor to voice those great qualities.

Want to share this positive message with the children in your life? Here are some adorable Bo Peep-themed items from Disney’s Toy Story 4 collection:

Getting the Call

“When Pixar calls, you answer,” Annie says of receiving the call from her agent that Pixar wanted her to come back for another movie. She says she did not hesitate at all when she got the call. She says she was absolutely thrilled to come back to all the excitement of Toy Story.

Bo’s New Look

Annie loves Bo’s new look and so do I. “I mean she’d had some limitations before, being a lamp. Once they got her off the base, all bets were off.”

Photo by Disney.

In the movie, Bo rips off her skirt to use it as a cape and honestly that might be one of my very favorite parts. Annie explained, “Even though this isn’t a superhero movie, her powers are her heart and her courage, and I think those are the greatest superpowers of all.” Bo’s new, liberated look helps her to embrace her powerful, independent spirit.

Annie can’t wait to see children dressing up in Bo’s new look on Halloween this year. The costumes should be pretty darn cute.

Photo by Disney.

Here are some ideas for a Bo Peep-inspired outfit you could wear every day:

Good Vibes All Around

Annie says the whole Toy Story 4 team was wonderful to work with again. Everyone was so excited to be back and that created a very positive work atmosphere – the best one you can imagine, she says.

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