Transport Ideas For Travelers

Getting around on vacation (or as a traveler) is the question, and few of us have the answer – most people leave it until the last minute to decide things like how we’re even going to get from the airport to our hotel (there’s probably an obvious transport service, right?). We’re going to rule out the dangerous options of hiring a scooter/moped – as this often ends in injury (check out this motorbike accident attorney in the city of Atlanta for more details). So, what are the options?

Hire a car 

This is always going to be the suggestion that trumps all others when it comes to transport for travellers. If you have the money, and if your destination offers the service, hire a car. Why? Let’s get into it. First, your safety level is increased when you can climb into a private vehicle, lock the door, and leave when you like. Second, you are the master of your own itinerary, chasing good times and seeing the sights as and when you please. And lastly, if you’ve been travelling around several previous destinations, and your most recent journey involved several hours on a plane or train, the last thing you need is more public transport once you arrive at the airport/station – your hire will be waiting for you, meaning you can get straight to the hotel. But if money or the lack of such services are issues, other options are available…

Call a cab

You can do this from various apps on your phone, and you’ll be told the reg of the car on its way to pick you up (so you know you’re getting into the car with a known vehicle/driver). Depending on the number of trips you plan to make, this will likely prove more expensive than just hiring your own vehicle, and there is the added waiting time to factor in. Still, if you only need a few journey’s and you don’t mind the wait, this could be the option for you.

Take the train 

Now we’re getting towards the business end of travelling – taking the train. I mean, sure, take the train, but there’s all the hassle of getting to the train station and buying a ticket, then waiting around for a late train (with all announcements probably in a foreign language), and then you have to share your journey with who knows how many people. Someone always has a cough, someone always has a dog, someone always has a child they can’t control, someone always has body odour issues … as you can tell, this would never be my preferred method of getting around, but if you can put up with those things, go for it. 

Take the bus 

Saving the least for last, we have the humble bus. This will involve waiting at bus stops (leaving you looking vulnerable), while struggling to make head or tail of the posted timetable, and eventually – and hopefully – boarding a bus, but only one that probably only goes to within a mile or so of where you need to be. All in all, I’d save the bus for a last resort.  

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