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“Trinkets” Season 2 Review: This Take On Teenagerdom Is A Must-Watch With Your Bestie

Dedicated fans of the show are pleased with the second and final installment of Netflix’s Trinkets. However, they’re sad to see it go. When the first season premiere on the streaming service in 2019, fans quickly grew attached to these characters and their story. As soon as news of a second season was announced, viewers were elated to have some of the first season’s pressing questions answered.

In true binge-watching style, many of Trinkets’ biggest fans watched the entirety of season 2 in just one day. Drawn to press the “next episode” button, people find this show is too good for self-control. Check out the story of Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha in the Netflix series Trinkets now!

Trinkets Summary

Trinkets tells the story of three young women who might not normally become friends in the crowded halls of their high school. However, a common bound is the catalyst to their interwoven story. A friend meet-cute in a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting forms a dynamic trio. Their experiences as individuals couldn’t possibly be more different, but that’s what makes them work. Fans tend to see a piece of themselves in each of the girls. This trio reflects reality, understanding, and empathy to their audience.


This crime dramedy stands out from other series who are trying to tell the story of troubled teens because well, it’s honest. Though our trio of flawed heroines face real struggles, the series finds a way to make its audience laugh, sometimes because of sheer relatability. This Emmy-winning show stands out from other shows of the crime drama genre.

The story is technically that of teenagers, young audiences, and parents of those youngsters should know that plenty of adult topics and themes are discussed throughout the series. Cursing and sex talks are a reality in high school and therefore a reality in this honest show. 

Trinkets Book To Movie Adaptation

Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith has been adored by readers since 2013. The book introduced the beloved, perfectly believable flawed characters to us, and seeing them brought to life has been so fun.

The book received a 3.54 on Good Reads. Fans of the author were ecstatic when the adaptation premiered on Netflix’s streaming service in 2019. In addition to being a successful novelist, Kirsten Smith is a screenwriter who has been credited on some iconic movie scripts such as 10 Things I Hate About You and Legally Blonde. She’s a writer of many mediums and a builder of devout fandoms. 

Lovable Characters

This is definitely a character driven show with its cast of strong-willed, girl power characters who make a lot of mistakes along the way, but always have each others back. The idea that these teenage girls might not have been friends under normal circumstances points a reality of mismatched high school friend groups that somehow just work. Sometimes you meet the most important people by accident in the most unexpected of places and sometimes that place is Shoplifters Anonymous. 

Tabitha Foster

Tabitha’s (Quintessa Swindell) story is that of regaining confidence and just plain old figuring things out. The story of my best friend’s brother is one fans will always love. Most importantly, Tabitha’s storyline this season focused on her relationship with her mother that gave her a better understanding of her experience as a Black woman. Getting comfortable and confident in her identity, this recognition of who she is leads to a physical change in a beautiful way- it also became a fan favorite scene. 

Elodie Davis

Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand) has to learn some lessons and deal with some consequences at the beginning of season 2. This season, she tries new extracurriculars, starts seeing a new girl, and restores a relationship with her parents. Fans have mixed opinions when it comes to the way LGBTQ experiences are represented in this show. However, many love Elodie’s storyline that leaves her label unspecified, but her sexuality openly stated and explored. 

Moe Truax

Moe (Kiana Madeira) is doing a balancing act between working through the basics of being a girlfriend and new family developments. Old mistakes, a classic high school mix-up, and a bit of karma come back to bite her this season. This makes the sweet honeymoon phase of her and Noah’s new relationship not-so-sweet. 

Where Have I Seen Him Before?

The show’s second season introduced a new character, who we excitedly recognized from another fan-favorite show. Actor Nik Dodani who played Chase Rao, is the hilarious and all-too-honest Zahid on Netflix’s Atypical. In the show “Trinkets” he goes from being Moe’s intellectual competition to trying to make a move. You’ll have to watch season 2 to find out how his complicated frenemy-ship with the trip works out.

Fan Responses

The buzz of excitement from fans on Twitter was overwhelming when the second season dropped on August 25th. 

We never learn our lesson, do we? The best shows are the ones we are too compelled to keep watching, so we forget to draw out the sweet experience of viewing them for the first time.

Critic Responses

The newness of Trinkets season 2 means that critics and fans alike have not yet taken to Rotten Tomatoes. However, season one’s scores/reviews could be a good place to start as far as how people feel. The 2019 season of “Trinkets” received a 50% from its critics and an 80% from fans. However, the low number of averaged scores could result in skewed percentages.

Katheryn VanArendonk of New York Magazine/Vulture claimed: “As a story about three high-school girls who become unlikely friends, who are allies in a way that’s both supportive and a little destructive, Trinkets is a solid teen show.” A praise from Kevin Yeoman on ScreenRant said, “This is well made YA that’s worth anyone’s time.” 

Trinkets Gorgeous Setting

So much of the girls’ stories are grounded in the beautiful setting of their hometown. In the novel, the “Trinkets” trio live in Portland, Oregon, providing a gorgeously green, natural background for some of the larger-than-life situations in which they find themselves. The significance of setting to this retelling of this story could not be overstated, necessitating that production of the series take place in the city of Portland.

In an interview with Oregon Live, the show’s executive producer, Brin Lukens explains the creative team’s thought process when it came to location scouting: “For us, Portland is a character. Kiwi grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and the novel is set in Portland.”


Though the storytelling, character development and acting all come together to make this a must-watch show, there’s something to be said about the way this soundtrack shines. You know when you’re in the middle of watching something that you’re going to go add the soundtrack to your Spotify? This show has a knack for picking out songs that force you to play them in the car with the windows down. 

Trinkets season one and two are available on Netflix now! Consider this a sign to binge now!

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