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Trouble in Paradise: Blake Horstmann Feuds with Natasha Parker

Bachelor in Paradise is the perfect chance for Bachelor Nation members to meet, mingle, enjoy some sunshine, and maybe even find love. But should everyone from Bachelor Nation be allowed on the show? Former contestant Blake Horstmann doesn’t think so! The former reality star recently spoke out about Bachelor podcast hosts being allowed in Paradise, and he is now feuding with Natasha Parker.

Bachelor in Paradise
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Thanks to insight from Us Magazine, here is the scoop on Blake Horstmann and Natasha Parker’s disagreement over Bachelor in Paradise!

Blake Horstmann Speaks Up About Bachelor in Paradise!

Former Bachelor contestant Blake Horstmann is no stranger to drama in Paradise. After being caught in the messy drama surrounding the Stagecoach music festival on his season, Blake has been pretty outspoken with his opinion on Bachelor in Paradise!

Blake Horstmann
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

At Stagecoach this year, Blake claims that he gave advice to other members of Bachelor Nation. In his Instagram stories, Blake says, “The only advice I gave them was to be careful of the official Bachelor podcast hosts if they are down there. They are ABC employees and will always get a good edit.”

Horstmann elaborates, “So don’t go against them or date someone they have their eyes on. I think they should not allow these people on the beach after last season (and I love all those people that went down there) but it’s a huge slap in the face [for] the audience. Like, they think we are that dumb?”

Also, in the comment section of a Game of Roses Instagram post, Blake claims that Natasha Parker, cohost of the “Click Bait” podcast with Joe Amabile and Tia Booth, was “given a rose by production.” This rose was in the middle of the Pieper James and Brendan Morais drama.

Natasha Parker Claps Back

On on Thursday, May 12, Natasha shares her thoughts vie her Instagram Stories. She says, “I do not agree with what Blake said because my situation, specifically — and yes, I am sensitive about it because it happened to me — so by saying that I’m going to get a good edit because I have a podcast, ‘Click Bait,’ you could get a bad edit if you mess with me and to be careful of me … you’re basically villainizing me because I have a podcast instead of holding the toxic people accountable.” 

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Also, Natasha adds, “That’s where I have a problem. No, if you’re taking what Blake is saying and you’re rallying behind it, you’re basically excusing toxic behavior.”

Natasha further defends her podcast cohost Joe Amabile, as well as Becca Kufrin who hosts the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

Natasha writes, “I was not toxic on the beach. Joe wasn’t toxic in his relationship on the beach. Becca wasn’t toxic in her relationship on the beach. I’m not trying to speak for them. I’m speaking about my situation specifically. But if you’re going to ‘warn’ someone about someone, why not warn them about the toxic behaviors that people can have? Oh, because you, yourself, had toxic behavior on the beach when you were there.”

In his Instagram stories from Friday May 13, Horstmann replied to a question about whether or not he would reply to Natasha. Blake wrote, “Nope. Not worth my breath. Tell me it’s the off season without telling me it’s the off season. Have a good Friday.”

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