The Truth About the Relationship Between Makeup And Acne

Many of us suffer from spotty skin during our teen years. For most of us, the bad years end and our skin returns to normal by the time we reach our twenties. For the unlucky among us, the problem continues. In the worst cases, those early teen spots turn into something much worse – acne. When that happens, it can be hard to see the light. Appearance may not be everything, but the way we look has a huge impact on our lives. Sure, it doesn’t matter so much what others think. But, the way you feel about your appearance can make or break your happiness.


It’s no wonder, then, that many of those who suffer turn to makeup to cover the issue. In some ways, it’s a lifesaver. You can face the world with your head high again. But, it’s possible that makeup isn’t a wise idea for those with acne prone skin. There are a few reasons for this, and we’re going to discuss them briefly here.


One of the leading causes of acne is excessive oil in your skin. Heavy coverage makeup options also contain oil. As this is the problem in the first place, do you want to add fuel to the fire? In many ways, makeup products like these can exacerbate the issue. You may be able to cover your spots during the day, but you’ll create more by doing so.

An easy way around this is to opt for oil-free products. Most makeup brands have selections for oily skin. Make sure you’re always choosing these. And, if there are acne specific options, never hesitate to pick those. Options like the Gaya Mineral Foundation mentioned on Sound Body Life could be the chemical-free solution you need. And, you can find more organic mineral makeup from Sound Body Life here. Products like these are a natural solution to the issue. They’ll allow you to continue wearing makeup without making your acne worse.


One thing even natural options won’t help with are clogged pores. Guess what, clogged pores cause spots, too. Not leaving your skin time to breathe gives bacteria free reign to do what it wants. The best way around the issue is to wash your face well every night. That way, you’re at least giving your pores some time to breathe.


When you have acne, the concept of accepting your appearance is that bit harder. Society pushes the idea of baby smooth skin being the norm. While most of us know that’s not the case, it’s a difficult perception to get past. But, if you don’t come to terms with yourself, true happiness will be difficult to reach. You may feel more confident with makeup on, but you’re covering the issue instead of getting to its root. What happens when you have to remove your makeup in front of a man for the first time? Uncertainty like this can cause further unhappiness.

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