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TV Casts that Need a Zoom Reunion

While quarantine has forced everyone to be apart, the power of Zoom continues to bring people together. Celebrities have taken advantage of their free time by reuniting casts of shows and movies over Zoom for the benefit of charities. Here are the TV casts that have ended that we want to see reunited: 

1. Once Upon A Time

All the fairytale characters were banished to our world in the show Once Upon A Time. Storybrooke gave us many great characters and contained a very complicated family tree. After the show ended, we miss seeing the large ensemble together. We’d love to see the whole cast talk about how cold it was to shoot in Canada and laugh over the many scenes they shot together. 

2. New Girl

New Girl, the most adorkable show on TV, ended after seven seasons. The roommates left the loft, but many people still watch the show today. Fans would like to hear Jake Johnson recite Nick’s cookie speech or listening to the cast talk about what it was like shooting True American scenes. Also, we want to know who got to take home the douche bag jar.

3. Merlin

BBC has given us many excellent shows, including Sherlock and Doctor Who. However, the BBC show that needs a reunion over zoom is Merlin. While Bradley James had a few of the knights on a live stream for the Redemption Paws charity, we’d also love to see them along with the entire cast of Merlin reminisce over Zoom. If that happened, it would feel pretty magical. 

4. Wizards of Waverly Place

Wizards of Waverly place was one of the most critically acclaimed Disney Channel TV shows, winning a Prime Time Emmy award. After the show ended in 2012, Selena Gomez has gone on to release multiple music albums, David Henrie got married, and the Jennifer Stone went on to do nursing. Seeing all these actors catch up over Zoom would be spell-bounding. 

5. Friends

I’m not the first person to want the cast of Friends cats to reunite. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this show. Although they even were going to do a Friends reunion, it didn’t end up happening because of COVID-19. So, fans still want to see all the friends together—even if they’re not on that same couch together at the coffee house. 

6. Galavant

Way back in days of old, there was a legend told about a show named Galavant. The series, unfortunately, got canceled after two seasons, but both seasons were incredible. It also featured fantastic music by Alan Menken. The cast has gone on to other things, but because it ended too soon, we can’t help but want to see them reunite.

7. Freaks and Geeks

Everyone agrees that the show Freaks and Geeks was wrongfully canceled. It managed to be a comedy with also dramatic elements and had a star-studded cast. Actors included Seth Rogen, James Franco, and actress Linda Cardellini. Seeing the writing staff be a part of the Zoom reunion as well would be great, as Judd Apatow and Paul Feig have been involved in many great films and shows like The King of Staten Island and Knocked Up

8. Chuck

Chuck was a show about a nerdy guy who got government information planted into his head, known as “the intersect.” He becomes a spy, at least when he’s not forced to wait in the car. He works with his handlers, the CIA agent Sarah, and NSA agent Casey. Seeing the cast reunite and talk about their favorite missions would be great. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Zachary Levi try to do some of Chuck’s Kung Fu moves. 

9. Scrubs

Seeing the doctors and nurses reunite from Sacred Heart over Zoom is just what we need right now. We wouldn’t mind a scripted reunion where we see the characters we know acting as first responders during Covid-19. However, if you want a reunion between the actors themselves, check out Zach Braff and Donald Faison’s podcast. They discuss each episode of Scrubs, and some stars from the series stop by as well. 

10. The Good Place

While The Good Place only recently ended, we’d love for the cast to reunite. They’ve got a lot of Emmy nominations this year, so seeing the cast congratulate each other and talk about the show would be fitting. Perhaps they could eat frozen yogurt while they talk about how real life has got people wondering if they’re in the Bad Place.

What TV show cast would you like to see reunited over Zoom? Tell us in the comments!

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