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Tyler Rich on How His Wife Sabina Inspired His New Love Song

Tyler Rich has written the perfect Valentine’s Day song. The country singer spoke exclusively with E! News to talk about how he met his wife, Sabina Gadecki Rich. He also shared how she has inspired his new single “Better Than You’re Used To”. Here is the full scoop on the story behind the song and their relationship.

Tyler Rich and Sabina Gadecki Rich
Instagram @sabina

“Better Than You’re Used To”

The love-themed song was first heard in snippets on Tyler’s TikTok page. After seeing how much fans related to the lyrics his team decided to release the song just in time for Valentine’s Day.

According to E! news the new song is a million miles away from his previous songs as his lyrics weren’t always ‘sugar and spice and everything nice.

The Meaning of the Song

Tyler Rich describes his newest song as “an anthem for everybody that has found love and everybody that needs that right person.” He says it is “a beacon of hope” for people that have struggled with being ‘treated badly or not treated in the way they should have been.’ Then he shared a message that everyone deserves to hear, “you deserve to be loved better than you’re used to. You deserve to be happy.”

Tyler Rich and Sabina Gadecki Rich
Instagram @sabina

The Writing Process

In his exclusive interview with E! News Tyler shared his writing process saying, “I always write about what’s happening in my life and the people surrounding my life and I’ve definitely had a little history of writing breakup songs.”

He then went on to say that, before meeting Sabina, he didn’t know if he would ever write a song about his wife. Now he says “it almost gets to a point of what else would I write about?” before going on to say, “she inspires me daily on every level.”

Tyler Rich and Sabina Gadecki Rich
Instagram @sabina

How Tyler and Sabina Met

E! News shares that Tyler and Sabina met at the Stagecoach Music Festival in 2016. During his interview, Tyler says that when he first met Sabina, who is an actress, “she was in the middle of a breakup and wasn’t necessarily in a place to be hit on.”

He explains, “I said, that girl deserves better than what she’s used to, so I talked to her. The first couple of minutes went well and then she ran away with her friends. Then I had to slide in the DMs so I took it from there.”

Tyler Rich and Sabina Gadecki Rich wedding
Instagram @sabina

Spending Time Together

The happy couple tied the knot in September 2019. The couple spent a lot of time in different parts of the country. Nashville for Tyler and the West Coast for Sabina, so they were happy to spend lots of time together during the pandemic.

Tyler Rich shared his gratefulness with E! News, “I really am thankful for this year that I get to stay at home and love my wife even more for who she is.” He also thanks his fans, “It’s the only gem of 2020—the time that we got together and I’m just thankful for the fans who have stuck around.”

Are you listening to “Better Than You’re Used To” yet? We’re sure that in years to come it will become a Valentine’s Day classic!

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