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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage Fashion

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be pretty exhausting, especially when they change so frequently. But being stylish isn’t just about being on trend. It’s about style, and style never goes out of fashion! One style aspect you can always rely on is vintage fashion. Delving into the world of vintage fashion can be exciting, and it also shows a certain disregard for whatever the upcoming modern trends are – proving that you can still look good whatever you wear!

But there is a certain knack to getting vintage right – do it wrong, and you could just end up looking as though you have raided your grandma’s closet and put everything on at once. Here are some ways you can add some vintage chic to your everyday outfits.

Learn about the history of fashion

Walking into a vintage store blindly with no prior knowledge is always a little bit of a risk. You could pick something up that looked great on the mannequin, but when you get it home you realize you have nothing to style it with. It is at this point that the item can easily stop looking ‘vintage chic’ and actually look more like something somebody has just thrown out. Spend a bit of time educating yourself on the history of fashion and on certain pivotal designers of recent eras. That way, when you walk into a vintage store or thrift store you will immediately be able to distinguish between what is just trash, and what is a real genuine piece of vintage fashion.

Don’t dress head to toe in vintage

There is such thing as ‘too much of a good thing’, especially when it comes to vintage clothing. You may have an assortment of vintage pieces that you think would look great together, but before you put them on, stop and assess the situation. From an outsider’s perspective, could it look a little more like you are actually going to a fancy dress party? If the answer is yes, rework the look. One of the best ways to wear vintage is by mixing it up with some more modern pieces, so don’t disregard high street stores entirely. Shops like Urban Outfitters have a whole array of quirky pieces that can perfectly compliment a vintage item, so let your creativity run wild!

Incorporate accessories too

One way to really set off your outfit is by including some vintage accessories. As mentioned above, don’t go overboard by wearing vintage EVERYTHING – if your outfit is vintage itself, balance it out with modern accessories. But if your outfit is contemporary, vintage accessories can give it a really quirky edge. Statement vintage jewelry can totally steal the show, so consider a jeweled necklace or even an oversized brooch. Or, if you want to keep things a little more subtle, go for a classic look with some delicate pearl earrings. One of the most beautiful things about vintage jewelry is that it all tells a story too, so see if your family has any hand-me-downs you can claim.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.