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“Under the Power” Chinese Drama Review

The Chinese drama, Under the Power, is a drama featuring Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun. Based on the novel by Len Seshi, Under the Power takes the viewers on quite the adventure. Here is our review of the Chinese drama!


A perky woman by the name of Yuan Jinxia works as a constable to solve issues of the government, but she finds herself having to join together with the police officer, Lu Yi. As the government goes through one issue after another, Lu Yi and Jinxia become close and fall in love. The obstacles involving the heartless, Yan Shifan, places both of their lives on the line with deadly poison and cruel torture. But the problem that threatens Lu Yi and Jinxia’s relationship involves intense family history. Will they be able to overcome their family history and love instead?

“Under the Power” Review

Yuan Jinxia and Lu Yi develop the perfect chemistry for star-crossed lovers in Under the Power. The first couple of episodes when their personalities clashed made the drama binge-worthy! This Chinese drama provides a storyline that leaves fans buckling up for the long ride through the battlefield to the countryside of China. The drama might have been 55 episodes but the relationships with the characters make the long journey worth it! We have to admit that Lu Yi and Jinxia’s relationship didn’t blossom like the way we wanted it to, which is why there should be another season. But for now, we can re-watch Under the Power and appreciate their journey towards love. For more Chinese drama with Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun, check out the Asian entertainment platform, Viki!

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