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6 Underrated Beauty Influencers You Should be Following

I’m sure that all people interested in the beauty industry have come across beauty influencers like Jeffree Starr and James Charles. But have you heard these underrated beauty influencers? Here is our list of the top six beauty influencers you didn’t realize you should be following!

1. Ivan Lam

Ivan Lam is an Asian-American man who strives to break stereotypes when associating men as beauty influencers. He also offers his followers on social media various tips on how to achieve certain makeup looks, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Besides creating makeup looks, Ivan Lam educates his followers on skincare tricks to improve complexion. We recommend checking out Ivan’s YouTube channel for all the details on recreating makeup looks and finding out what skincare products suit you!

2. WannaMakeup

April, a mom and beauty guru, is determined to share her passion for beauty with all her followers! Her YouTube videos are everything you could want as someone interested in beauty! Se creates hauls, GRWM, and ratings on the latest makeup palettes. However, you don’t have to be a mom to take April’s advice on beauty. Her tutorials are for everyone!

3. Joan Kim

Joan Kim is a K-beauty enthusiast from Seoul, South Korea who recently created her own skincare and clothing line. You may be familiar with the beauty products in the U.S, but have you ever wanted to venture into the K-beauty realm? Joan Kim is quite knowledgeable of K-beauty to where she partnered up with the founder of Soko Glam (a Korean beauty brand). If you want to learn about the craze of K-beauty, Joan Kim is the beauty influencer you should be following!

4. Edward Avila

Edward Avila is a beauty influencer who is also in the K-beauty industry. He loves to try out new products in the U.S. like eyeshadow palettes and more. However, some of Edward’s most entertaining videos feature guests that receive makeovers. If you are inspired by K-pop idol makeup looks, Edward Avila is the beauty influencer to check out!

5. Samantha March

Samantha March is an underrated beauty influencer who loves to try out new makeup trends. Besides makeup, she is also passionate about skincare and recently won Skincare Influencer at the American Influencer Awards! If you want to know what kind of makeup you should be buying, you need to watch Samantha! As beauty lovers, we couldn’t be more excited to enter her giveaways and follow her on her journey.

6. Julie Dawn Olsen

If you’re a beauty lover, you might be looking into the latest seasonal makeup trends. Julie Dawn Olsen creates videos for popular looks and has the greatest eye shadow colors for each season. Sometimes in order to have your makeup looks be eye-catching, you need to take the time to practice. Samantha is one of the beauty influencers you can easily follow along with in creating your own dream looks!

So many beauty influencers have made such an impact on the world. So, which one from this list is your ultimate favorite?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.