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UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus Review

If you are shopping for a robot vacuum you must try the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus. It’s a great vacuum that can do all of the work for you. It has an amazingly long battery life and amazing suction power. Make sure to get this vacuum!

The UONI Robot Vacuum is a robot vacuum cleaner that will save your morning routine time, if you’re tired of doing the house cleaning this remote-controlled cleaning robot is for you. It’s intelligent, fast, and makes you feel like you are living in the future.

It has a good-looking design and feels sturdy and well made. It is very sleek and stylish.

Control With Your Phone

You can control the vacuum cleaner with your mobile phone or tablet. UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus has multiple control methods. After connecting to the smartphone app, you can turn on many more intelligent functions. You

You can start or schedule a cleaning job with one tap on the screen. It has the option to schedule your cleaning times and even set up cleaning zones.

Plus, if you have google assistant or Alexa you can connect it and use voice control to start your vacuum.

Charge It Up & Let It Do The Work

The UONI robot vacuum V980 Plus has a long battery life so you don’t have to constantly recharge it. You can set a daily schedule for the UONI Robot Vacuum and let it do the cleaning so you won’t have to waste

The battery needs around 3 hours to fully charge, but we got roughly 100 minutes as the maximum time after which it had to return for recharging.

By pressing one button on top of the robot vacuum V980 Plus will drive it straight out from where it charges / docks and back again into the docking station. Very helpful for when you just need to quickly charge it and keep it out of your way while you do other things.

The remote control is a great addition to this vacuum, which lets you guide the robot around by yourself.

Automatic Dust Collection & Bin Emptying System

You can see how much dirt is collected in the dust bin via remote control or mobile app (UONI Home). After each cleaning session, it will automatically discharge dirt in the dust box into the disposable dust bag. It is so cool to see it in action!

The bing emptying system in the robot is very efficient and you can empty it without touching a thing. When the bin is full a sensor will allow you to open a trap door which will release the dirt to a garbage bin.

The dust bag has a large capacity of 4.3L, which can be left unattended for several weeks. When the dust bag is full, simply take out and throw it in the trash.  An orange light on the dust bin will flash to notify you that it needs to be emptied. 

Many robotic vacuums have small waste receptacles which need to be cleaned frequently.  When the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus returns to the charging base station, the dust and debris are automatically transferred to a large capacity bag which is made of filter-grade material. 

Allergies & Pets

The robot has a HEPA filter, which is excellent if you have allergies or pets. If you have pets you know how quickly their seem to get everywhere. With UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus you can let it clean the hair for you!

The UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus, equipped with a double-sided brush + V-shaped floating roller brush not only gathers dust in two directions, but it also contacts directly with the floor thereby effectively cleaning hair sticking to the floor.

So don’t worry if your little furry friends like to sleep or play under beds, tables, and other tough to reach spots the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus can access spaces less than four inches to clean all loose hairs, leaving no uncleaned corners.

Works on All Floor Types

With powerful suction and soft rubber brushes, the UONI Vacuum robot is very good at picking up dirt, hair, and tiny particles. It can climb over small barriers like thresholds as well as airway intelligent design make the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus ideal for carpets and hard floors alike (it also has two virtual wall units).

It works on all types of floors, carpets or high piles, ceramic tiles, laminated floors, and more. Keep in mind that you should avoid using the robot vacuum cleaner on super high piles or shaggy carpets.

Cutting Edge Technology

Equipped with upgraded eighth-generation laser navigation technology and ASAR-V9 dynamic path planning system, UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus has the ability to quickly and accurately map out areas in the house. It efficiently cleans every inch of the house using its anti-collision obstacle avoidance technology.

This robot will make a map of your space and will then calculate the cleaning path to efficiently clean the whole house. When the smart sensor detection system detects an area that is dusty or dirty, UONI V980 Plus will clean the area repeatedly to ensure thorough cleaning. 

Also to for the laser sensor and bumper sensors make it easier to handle and maneuver around your furniture and objects.

When UONI V980 Plus is done with cleaning, it will automatically return to the charging base where it will recharge until its next cycle.

Final Thoughts

With the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus, you can save time and effort for yourself while getting a clean house. It is perfect for busy people who do not have the time to vacuum.

It is also great if you want an automatic robot to be in charge of the cleaning while you are at work or on vacation.

UONI Robot Vacuum V980 is also good for pet owners who have allergies and wish to clear the area of pet hair and other dirt particles.

There is no doubt that UONI V980 Plus will add convenience to your life. It can also help you live a healthier lifestyle by always having clean floors, without the need to do all the cleaning yourself!

It’s a great product and has many features. It is good-looking, smart, and sturdy. Everything you could want from a robot vacuum! I highly recommend ordering it today.

Click here to get the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus!

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Bob W

Saturday 4th of December 2021

I too just received this vac in October 2021. Does an amazing job. App still needs some work, and it needs to auto empty more often. Some times waste bin is so full it can self empty.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.