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Vacation Flawlessly With Travel Tips and Summer Beauty Products From Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden LogoI recently had the chance to try out some make up from Elizabeth Arden.  I am so excited to say that I loved it.  I am actually still using it and plan to continue.  Below is picture of the products I received .


I really liked how nicely the make up went on.  The foundation and blush blended great.  I really enjoyed the lip products and mascara, as well.  Also, included in my set were two different products for skin care.  I am a firm believer in taking care of your skin as often as possible.  The daily youth capsules left my skin feeling very smooth.  The eight hour cream skin protectant did the same thing.  I like this original cream because it provided extra skin protection throughout the entire day.  Rebecca Restrepo is the Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist’s and has provided some beauty travel tips for Summer.

Rebecca Restrepo’s Tips:Rebecca Restrepo - Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Head Shot
  • Skincare is even more important when traveling. I love multi-use products and ones that can be packed in a carry-on bag. The Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum deliver so much moisture. I apply mine mid-flight for extra hydration and also use as a makeup primer when traveling.
  • Skin can get very dehydrated when flying, so Eight Hour Cream is essential! I apply to my lips before every flight and use it on my hands and elbows throughout flight. I like to warm up the product in the palms of my hands before applying to my skin, helping it activate and absorb quickly.
  • My eyes get very puffy when I fly. Instead of using a regular eye cream, I gently dab the Visible Difference Brightening Eye Gel on in gentle, circular motions for better results.
  • Someone once told me that solids travel better than liquids, so now I never go anywhere without my Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup.  It provides as much coverage as I need, without making a mess in my makeup bag.
  • Before I land after a long flight, the perfect pick-me-up is a touch blush to brighten the cheeks, a swipe of brightening shadow to open the eye and a dab of rosy lip gloss. To achieve this fresh and well-rested look, Ceramide Cream Blush in Nectar, Beautiful Color Eye Shadow in Innocence and Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss in Sweet Pink are my go-to products.

If you are interested in connecting more with Elizabeth Ardent you can check out their official Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Disclosure: I participated in this sponsored post campaign for Single Edition Media. I received compensation and products.  As always, all opinions are and always will be my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.