35+ Valentines Box Ideas Unicorn Styles (2024)

Here is the scoop on 35+ valentines box ideas unicorn styles that you will love.

With over 35 unique and creative unicorn-themed Valentine’s box ideas, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

A unicorn shaped box filled with candy and flowers.

35+ Best DIY Unicorn Valentines Box Ideas

From a dazzling glitter unicorn box to a charming sunshine unicorn box, the list is as fascinating as it is extensive.

But before you dive headfirst into this vibrant world of unicorn love boxes, let’s explore what makes these ideas so enchanting and why they’re worth considering for your special day.

Unicorn Magic Valentine’s Box

Dive right into the enchanting world of the Unicorn Magic Valentine’s Box, a whimsical creation that’s bound to spark joy and creativity in your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

A unicorn shaped box with flowers and hearts on it.

As one of the most delightful unicorn valentines box ideas, this unicorn box is a magical blend of charm and elegance.

Imagine crafting your own DIY unicorn Valentine box, a project that’s both fun and rewarding.

Picture the sparkle in your loved ones’ eyes as they unbox unicorn valentines, each one a testament to your creativity.

You could even make a unicorn card box, adding an extra touch of magic to your Valentine’s Day.

This unicorn crafts box is more than just a Valentine’s Day box — it’s a world of unicorn Valentine’s Day enchantment, waiting for you to explore.

So why wait? Enter the world of unicorn magic today.

Rainbow Unicorn Love Box

From the mystical charm of the Unicorn Magic Valentine’s Box, let’s gallop over the rainbow to another enchanting creation: the Rainbow Unicorn Love Box.

A unicorn party favor box with a unicorn head on it.

This valentine box idea is a whimsical twist on traditional valentine boxes. You’ll create an adorable unicorn with a vibrant, rainbow mane that doubles as a convenient unicorn valentine card box.

To start your DIY valentine, sketch the unicorn’s profile on the box, including a majestic horn and flowing mane.

Paint your unicorn in shades of white and pastel, then make a unicorn mane from strips of colored paper.

Now, your rainbow unicorn love box is ready to collect love notes. This valentines box idea surely enchants and adds a touch of magic to your valentines box collection.

DIY Glitter Unicorn Box

Let’s sprinkle a little magic and create our next masterpiece: the DIY Glitter Unicorn Box, a dazzling spectacle sure to steal hearts this Valentine’s Day.

A unicorn party favor box decorated with flowers and confetti.

This crafty endeavor is one of the most enchanting valentine box ideas, shimmering with glitter and radiating love.

Start by crafting a unicorn head from cardstock, adding a glittered horn for that extra sparkle. Next, position the unicorn head on the front of the box, using hot glue to secure it.

A unicorn shaped gift box with flowers on it.

This glittery day card box is a project kids will love. Encourage them to add stars, hearts, or rainbow decals to personalize their DIY glitter unicorn box.

The result? A fantastical, heart-warming valentine box that’s as unique as a unicorn itself.

Get ready for a magical Valentine’s Day!

Floral Unicorn Valentine’s Box

Imagine creating a Valentine’s box that’s as enchanting as a fairy tale garden, combining the whimsy of a unicorn with the delicate touch of floral accents: welcome to the Floral Unicorn Valentine’s Box project.

A paper unicorn shaped box with flowers in it.

This unique unicorn style transforms a simple valentines box into a magical creature. The mane and tail, made from an array of pastel-colored ribbons, add a soft, playful touch.

Real or faux flowers make perfect adornments for your unicorn’s crown. Don’t forget those distinctive unicorn eyelashes, which bring life to your creation.

This cute unicorn valentine is a showstopper at every valentine party and makes Valentines Day extra special.

So, dive into creating your floral unicorn valentine’s box and bring a sprinkle of magic to your unicorns-themed celebration.

Pastel Fantasy Unicorn Box

Step into a world of soft hues and enchanting magic with the Pastel Fantasy Unicorn Box, a creation that’s as dreamy as a pastel sunset and as mystifying as a unicorn’s allure.

A unicorn box decorated with flowers and a unicorn head.

As you craft this adorable box for school, imagine it filled with valentine cards, each one expressing how much you love unicorns.

  • Picture a box video guiding you through each step, making it fun to make.
  • Consider a unicorn’s horn, coated in gold glitter, sitting proudly atop the box.
  • Visualize a printable template helping you design the perfect pastel fantasy unicorn box.
  • Envision vibrant, pastel-colored valentine cards peeking out from within.
  • Imagine the joy you’ll feel presenting your box, knowing you’ve created something truly magical.

Make an adorable pastel fantasy unicorn box and step into a magical world of love and unicorns.

Starry Night Unicorn Box

As you leave the pastel realm of the fantasy unicorn, find yourself transported into the enchanting cosmos with the Starry Night Unicorn Box.

A box with a unicorn on it and a starry sky.

This shoebox-turned-mailbox is the best DIY project for your Valentine’s Day cards.

Start by gathering your craft supplies: a sturdy shoebox, embellishments, glitter paper, an exacto knife to cut shapes, and a glue gun.

Use hot glue to secure a layer of glitter paper, mimicking a cosmic sky, on your shoebox. Cut out a unicorn silhouette with the exacto knife and stick it onto the box with the glue gun.

Add embellishments – think stars, moons, and celestial bodies – to bring the night sky to life.

With the Starry Night Unicorn Box, you’ll have the most magical valentine’s mailbox in the cosmos.

Handcrafted Unicorn Box

Diving into the realm of handcrafting, you’ll find the Handcrafted Unicorn Box, a whimsical masterpiece that’ll charm its way into anyone’s heart.

A unicorn gift box surrounded by flowers and hearts.

With just a smaller box, some wrapping paper, a glue stick, and a free printable unicorn template, you can learn how to make a box like this yourself.

  • Imagine the box using a pastel-colored wrapping paper with sparkles that shimmer in the light.
  • Visualize the smaller box covered with a free printable unicorn pattern.
  • Picture using a glue stick to securely attach your unicorn design.
  • Think of the joy when your box is ready, showcasing an adorable handcrafted unicorn box.
  • Envision the delight on the recipient’s face when they receive this magical gift.

This craft project is a fun and creative way to express your love this Valentine’s Day.

Sparkling Jewel Unicorn Box

If you’re looking to add a touch of glitz and glamour to your Valentine’s Day gift, a Sparkling Jewel Unicorn Box might just be what you need.

A box with a unicorn face on it.

Start by selecting an adult sized card box. Wrap the box with vivid unicorn printables, securing them with hot glue.

Don’t forget to pay attention to each side of the box, ensuring a cohesive design.

Now, get crafty with embellishments like sparkling jewels. Adorn the top of the box with these gems, creating a dazzling mane for your unicorn.

Likewise, decorate the bottom of the box, adding an extra bit of sparkle.

The result? A majestic, eye-catching Valentine’s box that’s sure to enchant its recipient.

Unicorn and Hearts Box

Imagine creating a whimsical Valentine’s box that combines the magic of unicorns with the charm of hearts, a perfect gift for that special someone.

A unicorn shaped box filled with flowers and confetti.

Picture this:

  • A shoe box, its lid adorned with a unicorn horn made from a cone, covered in ribbon. You’ll use scissors to cut the ribbon to the perfect length.
  • The sides of the box, bedecked with hearts, cut out with an exacto knife by gentle hands.
  • A piece of tape is used to hold everything in place, ensuring the magic doesn’t slip away.
  • Kids can use their imagination to add extra details, using a glue to add sparkle and shine.
  • There’s love helping to craft this box, as much a gift as the treasures it will hold.

The Unicorn and Hearts box is a symbol of love, magic, and childhood joy.

Fairy-tale Unicorn Valentine’s Box

In the realm of fairy tales, there’s a Valentine’s box that’s more than just a box—it’s a castle for a unicorn, a mystical place where love notes are as precious as hidden treasures.

Valentine's day unicorn gift box valentine's day unicorn gift box valentine's day unicorn gift box valentine.

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Start by downloading the free template. Use a Cricut machine to cut out the unicorn’s eyelash and other details. Cut a hole for the ‘mailbox’.

Wrap paper around the box, securing with glue and let dry.

Then, follow the super simple steps to assemble your unicorn. Add a dash of magic with a sparkling horn and don’t forget the eyelash for a touch of whimsy.

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Your Fairy-tale Unicorn Valentine’s Box is ready to collect love notes!

Dreamy Unicorn Love Box

You’re about to embark on a magical journey, creating a Dreamy Unicorn Love Box that’s as enchanting as a starlit stroll through a whimsical forest.

Valentine's day gift box with a unicorn head on it.

Imagine this:

  • A box adorned with iridescent stars, reminding you of a clear, magical night sky.
  • A horn, artistically cut from cardboard using a knife to cut precise edges, adding a touch of mythical charm.
  • A mane, created with multicolored streamers, fastened securely with clear tape.
A unicorn gift box decorated with flowers and confetti.

A day party at school to collect valentine cards in your mesmerizing unicorn box.

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The Dreamy Unicorn Love Box is more than just a Valentine’s box; it’s your personal unicorn story, waiting to be told.

Princess Unicorn Valentine’s Box

If the Dreamy Unicorn Love Box sparked your interest, wait till you see the Princess Unicorn Valentine’s Box, a design that’s sure to make you feel like royalty.

A unicorn themed gift box with a unicorn head on it.

It’s not just a valentine’s box; it’s a masterpiece that reflects your unique style.

Imagine a box adorned with soft pink and white hues, topped with a majestic unicorn with a golden horn and a flowing, multicolored mane.

It’s sprinkled with glittering gemstones that catch the light, making it shine brightly.

The box’s sides are lovingly decorated with shimmering hearts and a delicate lace trim, adding an extra dash of charm.

Open it up, and there’s plenty of space for all your Valentine’s Day tokens. With the Princess Unicorn Valentine’s Box, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re giving a fairy-tale experience.

Mythical Unicorn Box Design

Dive into a realm of fantasy with the Mythical Unicorn Box Design, where enchanting aesthetics meet functional design in a Valentine’s box that’s sure to captivate the heart.

A paper unicorn gift box with flowers on it.

This design is an amalgamation of creativity and mystique. Picture the following elements:

  • A whimsical, prancing unicorn with a shimmering mane, serving as the box’s centerpiece.
  • An ethereal backdrop of pastel rainbows and sparkling stars.
  • A heart-shaped enclosure, signifying the essence of Valentine’s.
  • Glittery and holographic accents, adding a touch of magic.
  • A slot for Valentine’s cards, cleverly incorporated into the unicorn’s mane.
A paper unicorn gift box with flowers and confetti.

You’ll love the Mythical Unicorn Box Design, not just for its captivating aesthetics but also for its practicality.

This Valentine’s Day, let your box be as unique and magical as your love!

Glowing Unicorn Valentine’s Box

Continuing our magical journey, let’s illuminate our Valentine’s celebration with the enchanting Glowing Unicorn Valentine’s Box, a radiant twist on the traditional.

A paper unicorn gift box with flowers and confetti.

This box shines bright with its captivating colors and glittering lights, bringing a fairy-tale element to your Valentine’s Day.

Imagine a unicorn prancing under the starry sky with a glow that’s simply mesmerizing. That’s what you’re recreating with this box!

You’ll need a standard box, some glow-in-the-dark paint, and your creativity. Paint your unicorn, let it dry, and then watch as it comes to life in the dark.

Add some sparkling stickers for extra pizzazz. Your Glowing Unicorn Valentine’s Box won’t only stand out in the crowd, but it’ll also bring a magical, glowing touch to your Valentine’s Day.

Rainbow Dash Unicorn Box

Harness the vibrant energy of a prismatic sky with the Rainbow Dash Unicorn Box, a Valentine’s creation that’s as colorful and spirited as its namesake.

Valentine's day unicorn treat box valentine's day unicorn treat box valentine's day unicorn treat box valentine.

This isn’t just a box; it’s a dazzling display of imagination, sure to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

To craft this masterpiece, you’ll need:

  • A box with a detachable lid for easy access
  • Rainbow-colored paints to create the spectrum of Dash’s magic
  • Glitter for that extra sparkle, because unicorns should always sparkle
  • A unicorn figure to crown your creation
  • Your creativity to bring it all together in a way that’s uniquely you

Flying Unicorn Valentine’s Box

Ready to soar into the clouds of creativity with the Flying Unicorn Valentine’s Box? Let’s dive into this whimsical journey together.

A unicorn party favor box with purple wings and confetti.

Imagine a box, but not just any ordinary box. This one’s adorned with a magnificent unicorn, wings spread wide, ready to take flight.

Picture its dazzling horn, as shiny as a star in the midnight sky.

Its wings, painted with the most vibrant hues, glisten under the soft glow of sunlight, adding a touch of magic to your Valentine’s Day.

You’ve got the power to make this vision come alive! Craft the unicorn with love, add a pinch of glitter for that irresistible sparkle, and watch as the smiles it brings light up the room.

You’re not just creating a box, you’re creating a memory. An enchanting, unforgettable Flying Unicorn Valentine’s Box.

Majestic Unicorn Box Ideas

Dive into a world of grandeur and fantasy with our Majestic Unicorn Box Ideas, where every box is a creation of beauty and wonder, designed to capture hearts this Valentine’s Day.

A unicorn party favor box with flowers on it.

Imagine these breathtaking designs:

  • A unicorn with a mane of cascading rainbow colors, its silken threads shimmering in the light.
  • A box adorned with delicate pink roses and sparkling gems, accentuating the unicorn’s ethereal beauty.
  • Majestic unicorns prancing in a glittering, starlit landscape, captured in a heart-shaped box.
  • A detailed, painted unicorn with eyes that sparkle like the most precious of gems.
  • A box featuring a unicorn with a golden horn, exuding an aura of splendor and magic.

These majestic unicorn boxes aren’t just containers, they’re tokens of love, designed to enchant and fascinate this Valentine’s.

Miniature Unicorn Love Box

Shifting our gaze from the grandeur of majestic unicorn boxes, let’s venture into the charming realm of the Miniature Unicorn Love Box.

A unicorn themed party favor box with a unicorn head on it.

This petite marvel, brimming with enchantment, is a pocket-sized token of love. Its exterior, adorned with a frolicking unicorn, shimmers with a magical iridescence.

Open the dainty latch, and you’ll discover a world within. Picture a tiny love note, folded into an origami heart.

Imagine miniature candies, each wrapped in vibrant foil, shimmering like hidden gems.

Crafting this box is a joyous endeavor. You’ll cut, paste, and decorate, letting your creativity run wild.

It’s a small but potent symbol of affection, a love-filled vessel that whispers sweet nothings.

This Valentine’s Day, let your Miniature Unicorn Love Box carry your heart’s message in the most magical way.

Vibrant Unicorn Valentine’s Box

Unleashing a burst of color and whimsy, the Vibrant Unicorn Valentine’s Box is a visual feast that’s sure to dazzle your Valentine.

A unicorn gift box with colorful flowers and horns.

It’s not just a box, but a magical vessel that carries your love and emotions.


  • A box painted in vibrant hues of pink, purple, and blue, shimmering under the light.
  • A majestic unicorn head, adorned with a golden horn and an ethereal mane, proudly perched on the box.
  • Glittery hearts and stars scattered across the box, adding a touch of sparkle and romance.
  • A rainbow ribbon, tied in a perfect bow, securing the enchanting contents within.
  • The delighted gasp of your Valentine as they unveil the magical surprise hidden inside.

This Valentine’s Day, let your love outshine the ordinary with a Vibrant Unicorn Valentine’s Box.

Love-struck Unicorn Box

If you’re looking for a more amorous twist on the traditional Valentine’s box, the Love-struck Unicorn Box is sure to hit the mark with its enchanting charm and captivating details.

A unicorn gift box decorated with flowers and confetti.

Imagine a box adorned with a unicorn, its eyes sparkling with love-struck glimmer.

Its pastel-colored mane, made from shiny ribbons, cascades down the side of the box, captivating all onlookers.

The box itself is a romantic blush hue, embellished with a host of tiny heart-shaped stickers, all radiating a whimsical aura of love and affection.

To top it all off, a magical rainbow arcs over the unicorn, symbolizing the promise of love’s enchantment.

This Valentine’s Box isn’t just a container – it’s a declaration of love, bound to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Enchanted Unicorn Box Design

Dive into a world of magic and whimsy with the Enchanted Unicorn Box Design, where every glittering detail is a testament to the mystical allure of these mythical creatures.

A unicorn gift box decorated with flowers and stars.

This isn’t just a box; it’s a fantastical journey into the heart of a unicorn’s magic.


  • A box shimmering with iridescent hues, changing color as light dances across its surface.
  • The lid adorned with a majestic unicorn, its mane and tail sprinkled with sparkling jewels.
  • Sides of the box embossed with intricate designs of stars, rainbows, and hearts, a tribute to the unicorn’s magical realm.
  • Open the box to find a lush, velvet interior, as soft and inviting as a unicorn’s gentle spirit.
  • The base of the box glowing faintly, like the distant twinkle of a unicorn’s enchanted forest.

Magical Unicorn Valentine’s Box

Stepping away from the enchanting realm of the Enchanted Unicorn Box, let’s set our sights on a box that’s just as magical – the Magical Unicorn Valentine’s Box.

A valentine's day gift box with a unicorn head on it.

Imagine a box that encapsulates the ethereal beauty of unicorns, shimmering with hues of pastel pinks, blues, and purples.

It’s adorned with a sparkling horn, twinkling stars, and a rainbow mane that cascades down the side, dazzling everyone who lays eyes on it.

Not only does it capture your heart, but it’s also practical. It’s sturdy, easy to carry and has ample space for all those Valentine’s treats.

The Magical Unicorn Valentine’s Box isn’t just a box, it’s a testament to your creativity and love for the mystical. It’s bound to leave everyone spellbound this Valentine’s Day.

Love Unicorn Charm Box

Next on our list is the enchanting Unicorn Charm Love Box, a perfect blend of whimsy and elegance that’s sure to add a touch of magic to your Valentine’s Day.

A paper unicorn gift box with a unicorn head on it.

This box is far from ordinary, it’s a delightful surprise that’ll captivate the heart of your loved one.


  • A box adorned with glittering charms depicting majestic unicorns, radiating a magical aura.
  • The pastel hues of the box, softly shimmering, embodying the gentle allure of a mythical creature.
  • A cascade of delicate pink roses, adding an air of romance to the design.
  • The intricate detailing, depicting a story of love and enchantment.
  • Opening the box to reveal a heartfelt message etched onto a tiny golden heart charm.

This Valentine’s day, let the Unicorn Charm Love Box convey your feelings in the most magical way.

Sunshine Unicorn Valentine’s Box

Immerse yourself in the warmth of love with the Sunshine Unicorn Valentine’s Box, a radiant expression of affection that’s as bright and cheerful as a sunny day.

A gift box with a unicorn on top.

It’s your chance to sprinkle magic into your Valentine’s Day.

Imagine a box, bathed in hues of yellow and gold, adorned with a smiling unicorn basking in the sun’s glow.

Now, add a touch of glitter to mimic sunbeams, and you’ve got a box that’s simply irresistible.

Fill it with heart-shaped chocolates, love notes, or even tiny unicorn trinkets. The joy it brings to the receiver is as heartwarming as sunshine on a winter day.

Whimsical Unicorn Box Design

Dive into the realm of fantasy with the Whimsical Unicorn Box Design, a playful creation that’s as enchanting as a frolicking unicorn in a field of wildflowers.

A valentine's day treat box with a unicorn on top.

Let your imagination soar as you craft this delightful Valentine’s box.

To make this box, you’ll need to gather a few simple materials. Imagine how each piece will contribute to your unicorn’s charm:

  • A box, the canvas for your whimsical creation.
  • Vibrant paper for the unicorn’s mane, sparkling in hues of pink, purple, and blue.
  • Glittering gold foil for the unicorn’s magical horn.
  • Adorable googly eyes, bringing your unicorn to life.
  • White paint, the final touch giving your unicorn its ethereal elegance.

With these elements, you’ll create a whimsical unicorn box that’s as unique as a shooting star on a quiet night.

Enjoy the process, and have fun!

Choosing Your Favorite DIY Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas

You’ve now explored over 35 magical unicorn Valentine’s box designs!

Whether you’ve fallen for the Rainbow Unicorn Love Box or the whimsical Sunshine Unicorn Valentine’s Box, remember, it’s the thought and effort that counts.

So, grab your glitter, your pastels, and your imagination, and create a box that’s not only enchanting but also uniquely you.

After all, Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love and magic, and what better way to do it than with a unicorn-inspired box!

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