65+ Best Valentines Gifts for Pregnant Wife (2024)

Are you wondering what the perfect Valentine’s gift for your pregnant wife could be? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of over 65 thoughtful and unique gifts that your expecting partner will absolutely adore.

A pregnant woman in a yellow dress.

Best Valentines Day Gift for Your Pregnant Wife

From pregnancy-safe skincare sets and maternity clothing subscriptions to luxurious pregnancy pillows and prenatal massage gift vouchers, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the scoop on Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your pregnant wife! 

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Gift Set

When it comes to pampering your pregnant wife, nothing beats a pregnancy-safe skincare set that’s specially designed to care for her changing skin needs. This Valentine’s Day, consider this thoughtful gift for your pregnant wife.

These skincare sets are specifically curated to address the unique challenges of maternity skin – hormonal acne, stretch marks, and sensitivity.

Many of these pregnancy gifts are crafted with all-natural ingredients, providing much-needed relief and rejuvenation for expectant mothers.

They’re the perfect Valentine gifts that show you understand and empathize with her physical changes and want to help her feel comfortable and beautiful.

Maternity Clothing Subscriptions for a New Mom

Navigating through the world of maternity fashion can be daunting, but a maternity clothing subscription can simplify the process, offering stylish and comfortable outfits tailored for each stage of pregnancy.

This Valentines Day, consider gifting this to your pregnant woman. It’s not just a day gift, but a thoughtful gesture that lasts throughout her pregnancy journey.

  • Personalized Styling: The best Valentine’s Day gifts for pregnant women are those that make them feel special. Each box is curated to match her style and size.
  • Comfort and Convenience: No more worrying about finding the right fit or style. It’s a hassle-free gift for pregnant moms.
  • Trendy and Functional: These subscriptions ensure she’s always in style.

Luxurious Pregnancy Pillows

Just as a maternity clothing subscription can simplify her wardrobe, a luxurious pregnancy pillow can bring comfort and ease to her sleeping arrangements during this special time.

This pillow could be the best Valentine’s Day gift for your pregnant loved one, or simply a token of love. Carefully chosen, it can be the perfect gift for pregnant moms.

A luxurious pregnancy pillow provides much-needed support to her growing belly, relieving pressure and helping with discomfort.

Its high-quality materials ensure durability and comfort. Pregnant wives will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration.

Prenatal Massage Gift Vouchers

Gifting a prenatal massage voucher is another thoughtful way to show your pregnant wife that her comfort and wellbeing are your top priority.

Consider it a special Valentine’s Day gift for your pregnant sweetheart, one that she’ll surely appreciate.

Here are three reasons why this makes a great Valentine’s gift for pregnant women:

  • Instant Relaxation: A prenatal massage provides immediate relief from body aches and stress, making your pregnant mama feel pampered and loved.
  • Promotes Health: Massage therapy can improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and boost overall health, certainly a thoughtful gift for your expecting partner.
  • Quality Time: It’s a gift idea for a pregnant wife that also gives her some much-needed me-time.

Pregnancy-Safe Bath Products

For your pregnant wife, nothing says ‘I care’ quite like a selection of pregnancy-safe bath products, thoughtfully chosen to provide her with a relaxing, soothing bathing experience.

This Valentine’s Day gift idea is perfect if you’re looking to make her feel cherished and pampered.

Consider a spa day at home with products specially made for pregnant people. They’re gentle, free of harsh chemicals, and designed to soothe the common discomforts of pregnancy.

This could be a lovely Valentine gift for your pregnant friend too. Moreover, these thoughtful gifts are suitable for any new mom who needs some ‘me’ time.

Personalized Jewelry Pieces

Another thoughtful gift to consider is personalized jewelry pieces, which offer a unique and lasting way to celebrate your wife’s pregnancy journey this Valentine’s Day.

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your pregnant wife as it’s sentimental, thoughtful, and sure to be cherished. 

  • Customized Pendant Necklace: A pendant engraved with her due date, or the initials of your upcoming child can make a thoughtful Valentine’s gift.
  • Birthstone Jewelry: A piece featuring the birthstone of your expected child can be a great Valentine’s gift for your pregnant wife.
  • Personalized Bracelet: A bracelet engraved with a heartfelt message is a great way to celebrate this perfect Valentine’s Day.

Gift Idea: Expecting Mom Cookbooks

While personalized jewelry pieces can offer a sentimental touch, don’t overlook the joy and practicality that an ‘Expecting Mom Cookbook‘ could bring to your wife this Valentine’s Day.

It’s a great gift that your wife will love, especially if she enjoys cooking or wants to learn new, healthy recipes for her pregnancy journey.

This practical gift can help your wife discover nutritious meals designed for expecting mothers, contributing to her well-being and that of your unborn child.

To make it even more special, include a gift card for fresh ingredients from a local grocery store. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your wife one of the best Valentine’s gifts out there.

It’s a great Valentine’s gesture that combines thoughtfulness, practicality, and love.

Designer Diaper Bags

Showering your pregnant wife with a stylish designer diaper bag this Valentine’s Day isn’t just a luxury—it’s a practical gift she’ll appreciate every time she steps out with your little one.

This awesome gift idea is suitable for the pregnant woman’s lifestyle, especially when the baby bump grows, and mobility becomes more challenging.

Consider these three reasons why a designer diaper bag is a fantastic gift:

  • Practicality: It’s an awesome gift you can give a pregnant lady. The multiple compartments can hold baby essentials, ensuring your wife doesn’t forget anything.
  • Fashionable: Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Designer diaper bags come in various styles.
  • Durability: These bags are made to last, making them gifts you can give that keep on giving.

Pregnancy-Friendly Teas as Gift for Your Pregnant Wife

If your wife is a tea lover, finding pregnancy-friendly teas can be a fantastic gift idea to help her relax and enjoy her pregnancy journey.

Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in her favorite beverage.

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It’s a good idea to consider a gift box or basket filled with a variety of teas that are safe for expecting and new moms. Such a thoughtful gesture would be a great gift for this special day.

Some of the best maternity teas include raspberry leaf, ginger, and peppermint. These not only taste good but also offer numerous health benefits.

Maternity Photoshoot Packages

Just as a cup of soothing tea can make her feel cherished, capturing her blossoming journey into motherhood with a maternity photoshoot package can be another unforgettable Valentine’s gift idea.

This Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to give her one of those gifts that hold both the worst and best moments, the tiring yet beautiful journey of pregnancy, immortalized in stunning photos.

Why you should look into a Maternity photoshoot:

  • The photoshoot is the next best thing to being there, as it captures her transformation, and how your wife feels during this magical time.
  • The package can be a real grabber as a gift idea, showing her that you value her experience and want to remember every moment.

High-Quality Maternity Jeans

Despite the common misconceptions, maternity jeans aren’t one-size-fits-all; they’re an essential wardrobe staple tailored for comfort and style during pregnancy, making them an ideal Valentine’s gift for your expectant wife.

High-quality maternity jeans are designed to accommodate her growing belly while maintaining a flattering fit.

They’re crafted with adjustable waistbands and stretchy denim fabric that can adapt to her changing shape.

Plus, they come in a variety of styles, from skinny to boot-cut, allowing her to preserve her personal style even as her body transforms.

It’s important, however, to consider her preferences and comfort, as they’re paramount.

Ultimately, gifting her a pair of high-quality maternity jeans shows your thoughtful consideration for her comfort and style.

Belly Casting Kits

Capturing the beauty and uniqueness of her pregnancy journey, a belly casting kit can be a touching and memorable Valentine’s gift for your expecting wife. It’s a simple, yet deeply personal way for both of you to connect with your unborn baby.

It’s not just a keepsake; it’s an experience you can share.

Creating the Cast: This intimate process allows you to physically engage with your wife’s changing body, appreciating the life you’re bringing into the world.

Decorating the Cast: This can be a fun, bonding activity. You’ll be creating a unique piece of art together.

Preserving a Memory: The finished product is a tangible reminder of this special time in your life, something you can show your child in the future.

This gift symbolizes love, anticipation, and the shared joy of expecting a new life.

Customized Baby Keepsakes

For the soon-to-be mom, nothing can be more heartwarming than a custom baby keepsake, a gift that truly celebrates the arrival of your little one.

It’s a personal, intimate, and thoughtful present that’s equal parts beautiful and meaningful.

Think about ordering a custom-made baby blanket with your baby’s name and birthdate, or a handcrafted baby birthstone necklace that your wife can wear close to her heart.

Imagine a soft plush toy designed to look like the ultrasound image of your unborn child.

These keepsakes aren’t just objects, they’re memories made tangible, reminders of this special time in your lives.

So, this Valentine’s Day, make your pregnant wife feel cherished with a customized baby keepsake. After all, it’s not just a gift, it’s a story waiting to be told.

Pregnancy Memory Journals

Continuing on the theme of lasting memories, have you considered the gift of a pregnancy memory journal? It’s a thoughtful, detailed way for your beloved to capture the unique journey of pregnancy.

  • Emotional Bonding: Journaling nurtures a deep emotional bond with the baby. Every heartbeat, every kick becomes a beautiful story to tell.
  • Health Tracking: It’s a practical tool too. Monitor health, mood swings, cravings, and doctor’s appointments. It’s an invaluable record for future pregnancies.
  • Stress Relief: Expressing feelings and thoughts is therapeutic. It can relieve stress, providing a calmer environment for the baby.

A pregnancy memory journal isn’t just a notebook. It’s a heartfelt gift, filled with love, care, and understanding. It’s a treasure chest of precious moments that’ll warm hearts forever.

Premium Maternity Lingerie to Make Her Feel Beautiful

Switching gears to a more intimate gift idea, consider investing in premium maternity lingerie that’s not only comfortable and supportive but also makes your pregnant wife feel sexy and confident.

Maternity lingerie is specially designed with room for a growing belly and breasts, making it a practical choice. But it’s not just about practicality.

Premium brands like Nordstrom pay attention to aesthetics, ensuring that the designs are stylish and attractive. Consider silk or lace materials for a luxurious feel.

Romantic Babymoon Packages for a Pregnant Mama

Why not take your wife on a romantic babymoon, a trend that’s gaining popularity as a way to celebrate the pending arrival of your little one?

A babymoon package can be the perfect Valentine’s gift that both of you’ll cherish. It’s a chance for you to reconnect, relax, and revel in your journey to parenthood.

Here are three key elements to consider when planning your babymoon:

  • Destination: Choose a place that caters to pregnant women, with spa services like prenatal massages and quiet, peaceful surroundings.
  • Comfort: Ensure the accommodation is comfortable and pregnancy-friendly. It’s crucial your wife gets good rest.
  • Food: Look for resorts offering nutritious and delectable meals, as your wife’s dietary needs are important.

Great Valentine Gift: Maternity Fitness Memberships

Embracing an active lifestyle during pregnancy is a great idea, especially with a maternity fitness membership tailored to your wife’s needs.

This isn’t just about staying fit; it’s about enhancing her overall wellbeing.

Many gyms offer prenatal classes focusing on strength, flexibility, and relaxation techniques, all adapted to the changing pregnant body.

A membership can provide access to professional trainers who guide her through safe exercises. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other expecting moms.

A thoughtful card explaining your intentions could be the cherry on top of this thoughtful gift.

Make sure to reassure her that this isn’t about vanity, but about her feeling healthy and strong during this special period in her life.

Baby Name Books

As you and your wife anticipate the arrival of your little one, a baby name book could be a perfect Valentine’s gift, offering a myriad of options to consider for your future bundle of joy.

It’s not just a book; it’s an exciting journey through history, cultures, and meanings that can spark intimate conversations between you two.

  • Bonding: Choosing a name together can strengthen your bond as you envision your child’s future.
  • Excitement: The thrill of deciding on just the right name will make the anticipation of your baby’s arrival even more tangible.
  • Legacy: A well-chosen name can carry a powerful legacy, and this book can guide you in that meaningful decision.

Organic Prenatal Vitamins

Boost your wife’s health and well-being during pregnancy with organic prenatal vitamins. This thoughtful gift shows your deep care for her and your upcoming baby.

Packed with essential nutrients like folic acid, iron, and calcium, these vitamins are designed to support your wife’s body as it nurtures your growing baby.

Unlike traditional prenatal vitamins, organic ones are free from artificial additives and harsh chemicals, making them safer for mom and baby. They’re also gentler on the stomach, which can be a real blessing if she’s dealing with morning sickness.

Plus, by choosing organic, you’re not only prioritizing her health, but you’re also supporting sustainable farming practices.

Show your love this Valentine’s Day with a gift that benefits your wife, baby, and the planet.

Best Valentine Gift: Cozy Maternity Pajamas

While keeping her health in top shape with organic prenatal vitamins, don’t forget about your wife’s comfort as she navigates through pregnancy by gifting her a set of cozy maternity pajamas.

These pajamas, specifically designed for expectant mothers, provide the perfect balance of comfort, style, and functionality that she’ll appreciate.

  • Comfort: Maternity pajamas are often made from soft, breathable fabrics that accommodate her growing belly, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.
  • Style: Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t feel stylish. Many maternity pajamas come in chic designs and colors to keep your wife feeling beautiful.
  • Functionality: These pajamas typically feature easy nursing access, making them a practical gift that she’ll continue to use post-pregnancy.

This Valentine’s Day, make her feel truly loved and cared for with this thoughtful gift.

Elegant Maternity Dresses

Often, your pregnant wife might miss dressing up for special occasions; gifting her an elegant maternity dress could be just the Valentine’s surprise she needs.

Go for a dress that’s not only stylish but also comfortable. Look for soft, breathable fabrics that’ll accommodate her growing belly, like jersey or chiffon.

A wrap or empire waist style can flatter her new shape while adding a touch of sophistication.

Consider her personal taste too – does she prefer bold prints or solid colors? Maxi or knee-length?

Remember, the perfect maternity dress isn’t just about function, it’s about making her feel beautiful and cherished.

This Valentine’s Day, show your love by helping her celebrate her pregnancy in style.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Just as an elegant maternity dress can make her feel beautiful, enrolling your wife in pregnancy yoga classes could be another thoughtful gift that caters to her health and wellbeing during this special time.

Pregnancy yoga classes can offer numerous benefits to help your pregnant wife:

  • Physical Comfort: These classes are designed to help pregnant women stretch and strengthen their bodies, easing common pregnancy discomforts like back pain and swelling.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Yoga often incorporates deep breathing and relaxation techniques, which can reduce stress and anxiety, improving her mood and sleep.
  • Preparation for Labor: The focus on breath control and mindfulness can also be useful tools during labor and delivery.

Designer Maternity Leggings: Gift for a Pregnant Wife

If you’re looking to combine style with comfort, consider gifting your wife a pair of designer maternity leggings. They’re not just functional; they can be a fashion statement too.

These leggings are made to accommodate a growing belly, offering both support and flexibility. The high waistband can be folded down for extra lower back support or worn up to provide full belly coverage.

Plus, they come in various trendy designs and colors. With top-notch brands like Seraphine and Ingrid & Isabel, you can be sure of their quality and durability.

They’ll not only make your wife feel chic and fashionable but also comfortable and well-supported throughout her pregnancy. It’s a gift she’ll appreciate long after Valentine’s Day.

Custom Baby Shower Invitations

While your wife is relishing her new maternity leggings, why not surprise her further with custom baby shower invitations?

Not only does this thoughtful idea highlight your excitement for your upcoming bundle of joy, but it also allows your wife to feel loved and cared for.

Here are the reasons why this gift is great for your pregnant wife:

  • Personal Touch: Customized invites add a personal touch that standard invitations lack. They can reflect your wife’s style, the baby’s gender, or even the nursery’s theme.
  • Building Anticipation: Sending out these unique invites builds anticipation among your friends and family. It’s a wonderful way of sharing the joy of your growing family.
  • Memorable Keepsake: These invitations can serve as a beautiful keepsake for your wife and your child in the future, a tangible memory of this precious time.

These invitations aren’t just pieces of paper; they’re tokens of love, joy, and anticipation.

Pregnancy-Safe Perfume Gift Box

Navigating the world of fragrances during pregnancy can be tricky, but a carefully chosen, pregnancy-safe perfume set might just be the perfect gift to lift your wife’s spirit and make her feel cherished.

It’s essential to pick a fragrance that’s free from harmful chemicals such as phthalates and synthetic musks, which are often found in many perfumes.

Look for natural, organic perfumes made from essential oils. Brands like Skylar and The 7 Virtues offer perfume sets that aren’t just safe for your pregnant wife, but also have a variety of delightful scents she’ll love.

Remember, the sense of smell can be heightened during pregnancy, so light, refreshing fragrances might be the best choice.

It’s a thoughtful gift she’s sure to appreciate.

Spa Day Gift Basket for a Pregnant Woman

A spa day gift basket can be one of the best gifts for a pregnant woman this Valentines Day that offers relaxation and rejuvenation during this special time.

This basket can include a variety of soothing items like aromatic candles to create a calming ambiance.

It can also include scented bath salts for a luxurious bubble bath that can provide a blissful escape for the mom-to-be.

Add a plush robe, compression socks, and slippers for comfort, allowing her to lounge in style. 

Final Thoughts: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Women

Finding the perfect Valentines gifts for your pregnant wife can be a bit tricky.

But don’t worry, with options like pregnancy-safe skincare sets, luxurious pillows, and prenatal massage vouchers, you’re bound to make her feel loved and appreciated.

You can surprise her with a maternity clothing subscription, pregnancy yoga classes, or designer leggings. Remember, it’s about understanding her needs and making her feel special.

So go ahead, give the gift that’ll make her Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Best valentine gifts for a pregnant wife.

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