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25 Vintage Christmas Dress Ideas | Retro Holiday Party Dresses

If you’re tired of the same old holiday outfits and want to spice it up with some fun vintage Christmas party dresses, then you’re in the right place!

It’s time to shake up your wardrobe with some vintage charm.

Whether you’re stepping out for a party or hosting at home, we’ve got 25 retro Christmas dress ideas that’ll turn heads and rekindle the yuletide spirit.

a women in a red vintage dress with a vintage hat

From 50s swing dresses to 70s boho gowns, you’re sure to find a vintage-inspired look that’s just right for your festive celebrations.

Let’s dive in!

25 Retro and Vintage Christmas Dress Options

The Vintage 1950s Swing Dress

Back in the 1950s, a classic 50s swing dress was your go-to outfit for any festive occasion.

This vintage Christmas dress, a symbol of the retro era, embodied femininity and sophistication.

This party dress vintage 1950s design, with its defined waist and full skirt, created a flattering silhouette that’s still sought after today.

The swing dress, often in bold, playful patterns, was a hallmark of the retro rockabilly movement.

Whether it was an elegant vintage 50s party dress for a formal holiday gathering or a more casual retro vintage dress for a family Christmas dinner, the swing dress was versatile and stylish.

The vintage swing dress remains an iconic fashion statement, embodying the charm and innovation of the 1950s, making it an ideal choice for your festive wardrobe.

Retro Maxi Velvet Dress

For your next holiday party, a retro velvet maxi dress can add just the right amount of vintage glamour you’re seeking.

Embodying a timeless vintage style, this velvet dress brings an air of sophistication and elegance to any evening party.

Its luxurious fabric exudes a sense of retro vintage charm that’s perfect for a vintage Christmas celebration.

The long, flowing silhouette of the retro velvet maxi dress perfectly complements the festive season, making it one of the most sought-after vintage Christmas party dresses.

The velvety texture adds a unique touch to your holiday party dress collection, elevating your style game.

So, if you’re hunting for retro holiday party dresses that combine comfort, style, and a sprinkle of nostalgia, don’t overlook the enchanting allure of a retro velvet maxi dress.

Elegant 1920s Beaded Flapper Holiday Dress

1920s Beaded Flapper Dress
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03/08/2024 12:24 am GMT

If you’re looking to make a dramatic vintage statement at your holiday party, try stepping into the roaring ’20s with an elegant beaded flapper dress.

This sophisticated vintage dress encapsulates the essence of vintage s, with its ornate beadwork and fringed hemline.

The flapper dress, a hallmark of the era, is reimagined as a modern holiday party dress that’s both vintage-inspired and innovative.

Imagine the shimmering beads catching the light as you move, making you the star of the evening.

The daring, yet elegant cut of this vintage cocktail dress is perfect for showcasing your individual style.

Pair this stunning retro piece with vintage accessories for a complete 1920s look.

With this dress, you’ll not only embrace the vintage aesthetic but also add an element of surprise to your holiday ensemble.

60s Inspired Mod Shift Vintage Dress

Short Sleeve Loose Shift Dress
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03/08/2024 12:24 am GMT

Switching gears from the roaring ’20s, let’s dive into the vibrant world of the ’60s with a mod shift dress. This vintage Christmas dress for women is a gem in your dress selection.

Drawing inspiration from the swinging ’60s, the mod shift dress embodies a chic, vintage s retro vibe. It’s the ideal vintage cocktail dress for your coming Christmas party.

As a retro Christmas dress, it captures the spirit of the holiday season with its festive flair.

Its minimalistic design lends itself perfectly to dresses and Christmas party dresses, making it a standout choice.

Choose a ’60s inspired mod shift dress and you’ll undoubtedly be the belle of the ball at your next Christmas gathering.

This piece adds an innovative twist to party dresses for your next seasonal event.

70s Bohemian Maxi Gown

Bohemian Flowy Maxi Dress
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03/08/2024 12:24 am GMT

Next up on your vintage Christmas dress hunt, you’ll find the Bohemian maxi gown, a fashion-forward choice that screams effortless elegance.

This 70’s retro vintage piece is a standout in the realm of vintage holiday attire, exuding a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe.

It’s the perfect dress retro enthusiasts will adore for a vintage wedding party or a retro vintage xmas gathering.

Women’s vintage fashion lovers will appreciate the flowy silhouette that speaks volumes about individuality and style.

Pair it with a rockabilly cocktail party dress for a twist or wear it alone to make a statement. This Christmas party dress will ensure you’re the belle of the ball.

Vintage Polka Dot Dress

For your next holiday party, you can’t go wrong with a vintage polka dot dress, a classic choice that exudes an undeniable charm.

This retro holiday party dress, a staple in vintage Christmas dress ideas, is a delightful blend of sophistication and whimsy.

The timeless polka dot pattern, often seen on ’50s style dresses, is a versatile print that suits women of every dress size.

Pair your vintage polka dot dress with vintage floral accessories for a festive twist.

If you’re bold, opt for a vintage 1950s party dress in a red polka dot style to turn heads.

Remember, not just for adults, a downsized version makes a charming Christmas dress for girls.

Embrace this holiday dress tradition with a modern flair.

50s Satin Evening Gown

If you’re seeking a more formal look, the satin evening gown from the 1950s offers an elegant and timeless option for your holiday party attire.

This vintage long sleeve gown is a classic piece that showcases an era of glamour and sophistication.

The fluid silhouette of the satin evening dress, particularly in a rich red satin dress or a burgundy velvet dress, embodies the spirit of 1950s retro vintage Christmas.

These dresses and accessories add a hint of drama to women’s Christmas outfits. With a vintage 1950s red dress, you’re sure to turn heads. 

Or perhaps a gold holiday dress is more your style. This 50’s Christmas dress is the epitome of luxurious elegance, making you the belle of the Christmas ball.

Retro Sequin Party Dress

Red Semi Formal Velvet Sequin Dress
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03/07/2024 12:05 pm GMT

Looking for a flashier approach to your holiday attire? Consider a retro sequin party dress.

This vintage Christmas dress idea is a bold choice for your Christmas party. Imagine a sequin party dress in a vivacious dress red, catching every light in the room.

You’ll be the center of attention, embodying the spirit of the festive season.

Opt for a halter dress design, an iconic style that exudes a touch of retro glamour. This dress style is the epitome of night out outfits, perfect for a winter cocktail dress.

Sequins create a shimmering effect, making you sparkle like a star. As a womens dress, it beautifully combines the charm of retro holiday party dresses with modern flair.

A sequin party dress is more than just a piece of clothing, it’s your ticket to a memorable holiday celebration.

Rockabilly Christmas Dress

You’ll turn heads at your holiday party with a rockabilly Christmas dress, a playful twist on the traditional festive attire.

These dresses, often a midi or waist dress, embody a unique mix of retro and rock.

Consider a burgundy dress for a rich, festive feel, or a classic red dress for a bold, timeless look.

The skater dress, with its flared skirt and fitted bodice, is a popular silhouette in rockabilly style.

Dressing it for a vintage feel can be as simple as adding a wide belt, reminiscent of the belted dress styles of the 1950s.

Whether it’s a nice holiday party or your next seasonal gathering, the rockabilly style can be your prom dress alternative, offering a fresh, innovative look.

Vintage Lace Tea Dress

Women's Lace Cocktail Dress
$69.99 $52.99
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03/07/2024 12:13 pm GMT

Moving on from rockabilly attire, let’s delve into the elegance of a vintage lace tea dress for your Christmas celebration.

With its intricate lace detail and flattering silhouette, this dress will be your lovely go-to for the season.

The pencil dress design, characteristic of the dresses era, offers a feminine and sophisticated look.

Known as a wiggle dress, it hugs your figure, creating a dress that will look great at any holiday event.

With a flattering neck dress cut, this dress is both classy and timeless.

If you need a work dress that transitions well into evening, this is it.

Lastly, the stretch dress fabric ensures comfort, allowing you to move and dance freely. It’s the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern comfort.

30s Art Deco Gown

If you’re after a true showstopper, the Art Deco gown is your perfect pick for a glamorous festive gathering.

This dress style offers a unique blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication.

Available in a variety of options like the plus size dress and the classy black dress, it caters to every body type.

The vintage lord, a cotton dress with a distinctive Art Deco pattern, is an absolute must-try.

For a more casual look, the tapestry dress and brown dress are ideal day dress options.

If you’re eyeing a prom night vibe, the Art Deco dress prom or the short sleeve dress will do the trick.

Victorian-Inspired Dress

For a touch of classic elegance at your holiday party, try slipping into a Victorian-inspired dress. This style offers a unique blend of sophistication and charm that’s hard to resist.

Look for a flare dress, which is reminiscent of the Victorian era’s passion for ample skirts and detailed embellishments.

The silhouette of the flare dress, with its fitted bodice and flared skirt, perfectly embodies the Victorian essence.

Opt for a dress with lace or ruffled details to enhance the vintage aesthetic.

Pair your Victorian-inspired dress with classic accessories, such as a cameo brooch or a velvet choker, to fully capture the era’s elegance.

With a Victorian-inspired flare dress, you’ll merge historical fashion with modern sensibilities, creating an innovative, timeless look for your holiday festivities.

Retro Plaid Christmas Dress

Switching from the elegance of a Victorian-inspired dress, let’s now turn your attention to the fun and festive retro plaid Christmas dress.

This dress style, with its bold, intersecting lines and merry color palettes, epitomizes holiday cheer. It’s a classic choice that’s been reimagined with a modern twist.

Today’s versions often feature a fitted bodice and flared skirt, creating a flattering silhouette. The key to rocking a retro plaid dress lies in the details.

Think structured collars, belted waists, and buttoned cuffs. Pair it with a chic leather boot for a contemporary edge.

Experiment with accessorizing, perhaps a bold red lip or statement jewelry.

It’s time to embrace this festive look and make it your own, bringing the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern style to your holiday gatherings.

Old Hollywood Glam Holiday Party Dress

Women's Mermaid Evening Cocktail Dress
$65.99 $59.99
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03/07/2024 12:34 pm GMT

Often, you’d want to channel the iconic elegance of Old Hollywood for your Christmas celebration, and there’s no better way to do that than with an Old Hollywood glam dress.

This style is characterized by its timeless sophistication and luxurious fabrics like satin, velvet, and silk.

Go for a dress with a fitted waist and a flowing skirt to create that hourglass figure reminiscent of stars like Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly.

Add a touch of sparkle with sequin or bead embellishments. Keep your color palette classic with black, white, or red.

Pair your dress with vintage-inspired accessories like pearl necklaces and fur stoles.

1950s Vintage Inspired Tulle Prom Dress

On the topic of vintage Christmas dress ideas, you can’t go wrong with a vintage-inspired tulle dress, perfect for achieving a soft, feminine look.

This style, reminiscent of the 1950s elegance, combines the whimsy of tulle with the gracefulness of bygone eras.

The tulle skirt adds a playful, floaty dimension to your outfit while the fitted bodice cinches in the waist to create an hourglass silhouette.

Opt for colors like rose gold or champagne to maintain a retro vibe. Embellishments such as sequins or lace can enhance the dress’s vintage feel.

Pair it with peep-toe heels and classic pearls to complete the look.

20s Fringe Flapper Dress

Women's 1920s Flapper Dress
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03/07/2024 12:41 pm GMT

If you’re looking to make a real style statement at your holiday party, consider donning a fringe flapper dress.

This vintage style, synonymous with the 1920s jazz era, combines elegance with a playful twist.

The fringe detail not only adds movement but also gives an unconventional edge to your holiday look.

Choose one in classic black or opt for a rich jewel tone to stay on-trend this season.

The key to pulling off this look lies in the accessories. Pair it with art deco jewelry and a vintage-inspired headpiece for authenticity.

For footwear, consider T-strap heels or Mary Janes.

With a fringe flapper dress, you’ll not only be stylish but also the epitome of retro chic at your holiday gathering.

Retro Christmas Velvet Jumpsuit

Velvet Formal Romper
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03/07/2024 12:43 pm GMT

You’ll turn heads at your holiday party in a retro velvet jumpsuit, a unique and stylish alternative to traditional dresses.

Its rich fabric and vintage cut offer an unexpected blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

The velvet material, a classic element of retro fashion, adds a plush, luxurious touch that’s perfect for a festive ambiance.

Plus, jumpsuits are incredibly versatile – pair with a glitzy belt to cinch your waist or throw on a faux fur coat for an added layer of glamour.

The jumpsuit’s one-piece design also eliminates the need to coordinate separate pieces, making it a hassle-free outfit option.

1950s Style Classic Wiggle Dress

Women's Retro Formal Dress
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03/07/2024 12:56 pm GMT

While a retro velvet jumpsuit might be a bold choice, don’t overlook the allure of a classic wiggle pencil dress for your holiday celebrations.

This timeless silhouette, with its fitted waist and narrow skirt, is a testament to 1950s glamour.

Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to flatter any body type, accentuating curves in all the right places.

Whether you opt for a rich, jewel-toned satin or a sequin-spangled number, you’re sure to turn heads.

Pair it with a fur shrug for a truly vintage look, or keep it modern with minimalist accessories.

The wiggle pencil dress isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a nod to the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era – a perfect blend of the past and the present for your festive wardrobe.

Retro Vintage High-Waist Swing Dress

Now, let’s take a swing at another vintage gem, the high-waist swing dress, that’s sure to make your holiday look stand out.

With its cinched waist and full skirt, it’s a dress style that flatters any body type. Its high-waisted design elongates your figure, creating a sleek silhouette.

The swing skirt adds a playful touch, perfect for holiday parties. You can go for classic colors like red or green, or opt for a festive print.

Pair it with strappy heels and a statement necklace for an elegant look, or dress it down with ankle boots and a jean jacket. Don’t forget to accessorize with a vintage clutch.

This season, stand out in the crowd with a high-waist swing dress.

60s Plaid A-Line Dress

Transitioning from the high-waist swing dress, let’s delve into the charm of a classic ‘s Plaid A-Line Dress for your holiday festivities.

This retro-inspired dress isn’t only visually appealing but also innovative in its design. Its tailored fit cinches at the waist and flares out to create a flattering silhouette.

The plaid pattern adds a timeless, vintage touch, making it the ideal ensemble for a festive gathering.

But what makes the 60’s Plaid A-Line Dress truly stand out is its versatility.

Pair it with a faux fur stole and pumps for an upscale party or wear it with knee-high boots for a more casual affair. Either way, you’re bound to turn heads.

Embrace the retro vibe this holiday season with a dress that’s as fashionable as it’s functional.

Victorian Velvet Bustled Dress

Keeping in mind the retro appeal of the ’60s Plaid A-Line Dress, you’ll find that a Victorian Velvet Bustled Dress adds an even more luxurious vintage touch to your holiday wardrobe.

With its richly textured fabric and signature bustle back, this dress encapsulates the opulence of the Victorian era.

It’s detailed with ruching and pleats, delivering a sense of refined elegance, and its fit-and-flare silhouette accentuates your figure in a sophisticated manner.

Despite its historic roots, it’s a piece that’s uniquely adaptable, fitting seamlessly into modern holiday celebrations.

Pair it with a delicate lace choker and vintage heels for a striking ensemble.

This Victorian Velvet Bustled Dress is a testament to the timeless allure of vintage fashion, proving that you can fuse past and present in a harmonious blend.

Retro Satin Vintage Cocktail Dress

1950s Vintage Satin Swing Dress
$46.99 $43.99
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03/07/2024 01:01 pm GMT

If you’re looking to add a touch of mid-century glamour to your holiday ensemble, consider a 1950s Retro Satin Cocktail Dress.

This design embodies the nostalgia and sophistication of the bygone era, with its fitted bodice, flaring skirt, and lustrous satin fabric that glimmers under festive lights.

The inherent elegance in satin’s drape gives the garment a polished, timeless appeal.

The silhouette, reminiscent of the 1950s retro rockabilly, accentuates your figure, while also offering comfort and mobility for mingling or dancing.

This dress can be personalized with accessories. Pearls or diamond studs add to the vintage charm, while a bold red lip or statement clutch injects a modern twist.

A Retro Satin Cocktail Dress is a versatile, stylish choice for your holiday parties, promising a unique blend of the past and the present.

Vintage-Inspired Velvet Midi Dress

As you step away from the luster of satin, you’ll find equal allure in a Vintage-Inspired Velvet Midi Dress.

This retro ensemble brings a rich, tactile experience to festive gatherings. Its luxurious velvet fabric exudes a quiet opulence that’s undeniably charming.

The midi length is a nod to the modest glamour of the mid-20th century, while its fitted silhouette enhances your body’s natural curves.

Pair it with a string of pearls or a vintage brooch for an added touch of class.

But what sets this dress apart is its versatility. It’s perfect for a Christmas Eve retro cocktail party or a formal New Year’s dinner.

So, as you’re planning your holiday wardrobe, don’t overlook the potential of a Vintage-Inspired Velvet Midi Dress.

It’s a timeless piece that’s effortlessly stylish and distinctively you.

1950s Dotted Swing Dress

Next on your list should be a womens vintage ’50s Dotted Swing Dress, a charming and playful option that’ll add a dash of fun to your holiday festivities.

This classic style, characterized by a cinched waist and full skirt, perfectly captures the festive spirit.

The dotted pattern, a quintessential vintage 1950s retro style, adds a whimsical touch. Pair it with a red petticoat for a pop of holiday color and to enhance the swing silhouette.

For a modern twist, opt for metallic dots instead of the traditional white. This on-trend update makes the dress feel contemporary yet still nostalgic.

Finish the look with vintage-inspired accessories, like a pearl necklace and matching earrings.

With this dress, you’ll not only pay homage to a bygone era, but also establish yourself as a forward-thinking fashion innovator.

Classic Taffeta 1950s Dress

1950s Retro Vintage Party Dress
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03/07/2024 01:09 pm GMT

For your next vintage holiday party dress idea, consider a stunning Classic vintage 50s Taffeta Dress, which will add a touch of elegance to your festive ensemble.

This style, iconic for its voluminous skirt and cinched waist, accentuates your figure while offering a nostalgic nod to the past.

Taffeta, with its crisp yet smooth finish, exudes sophistication and luxury.

Opt for rich, festive colors like deep red or emerald green to truly capture the holiday spirit.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize. A string of pearls or vintage brooch can enhance the dress’s classic appeal. And remember, a pair of killer heels is the perfect finishing touch.

With this outfit, you’re not just dressing for a party; you’re making a timeless fashion statement.

Choose Your Favorite Vintage Style Christmas Party Dress

Whether you’re swaying in a 50s swing dress or making a statement in a 1920s beaded flapper dress, vintage-inspired attire can truly make your Christmas party memorable.

From the sultry allure of a velvet maxi dress to the playful charm of a 1940s Christmas dress in a dotted swing number, these vintage Christmas dress ideas offer timeless elegance.

Remember, the best outfit is worn with confidence. So, dress up, enjoy the party, and let the holiday spirit guide your style.

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