6 Best Supplements for Gorgeous Hair and Skin

Between mastering smokey eyes and finding the right hair mask, looking good is hard work. But while it’s almost second nature to spend on the best beauty products, what you put inside your body is just as important as you put on it. Vitamin and mineral supplements can be the extra boost that your beauty routine needs, especially when a busy schedule keeps you from eating right. Get the scoop on the best supplements for gorgeous hair and skin. A more beautiful you could be just a dose away!

1. Vitamin A

Can’t seem to get rid of your hyperpigmentation and rough, dry skin? This may be just what you need. Typically found in leafy green veggies, Vitamin A contains an antioxidant called retinol that is praised from its varying benefits like helping the skin repair itself and keeping cells healthy. It can even work wonders on your hair as retinol stimulates sebum production, which keeps your hair from drying out.

2. Vitamin C

This may be your go-to for keeping the cold at bay but it may also be your solution for reversing all the season’s sun damage on your skin. The antioxidants in Vitamin C speeds up the skin’s natural repair system, enhancing the effectiveness of sunscreen and it said to protect against skin cancer.

3. Vitamin E

Popularly known for its beauty benefits, Vitamin E can easily be found in capsule form. It increases the blood’s circulation and oxygen uptake which stimulates hair growth. It also fights the effects of sun damage and can help to smooth wrinkles.

4. Vitamin B Complex

Biotin and niacin are the star duo of this supercharged Vitamin B Complex. By increasing blood circulation and improving oxygen intake, like Vitamin E, biotin is great at stimulating hair growth. Too little of this substance found naturally in food like eggs, can cause conditions like dermatitis and hair loss. Niacin supplements on the other hand, have been proven to give the skin a younger, plumper appearance in as little as a week.

5. Essential Fatty Acids

In addition to its heart healthy benefits, Essential Fatty Acids like Omega-3 found in fish can give you longer looking skin. It provides moisture, improves skin repair and flexibility. If your body lacks these important nutrients, the skin can even produce a more irritating form of sebum that can lead to increased blackheads and inflammation.

6. Zinc

Fighting a losing battle with acne? Include a daily dose of zinc in your beauty routine. Studies have also shown that acne can be caused by a zinc deficiency. Adding this mineral to your diet controls the skin’s oil production, improves wound healing and reduces the inflammation of pimples.

Adding these vitamins and minerals to your beauty regimen will undoubtedly set on a path to beautiful hair and skin. But these aren’t miracle products. For the best results, they should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

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