Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Walt’s Life Is Answered at the Walt Disney Family Museum

Last week, while I was in San Francisco for the #Incredibles2Event I got the chance to tour the Walt Disney Family Museum.  Every trip involving anything Disney always leaves me feeling so inspired.  I know this may sound silly, but the fact that so much of Walt Disney’s creativity started in Kansas City makes me feel oddly connected to him. So of course, I enjoyed getting to visit the museum.

The Walt Disney Family Museum was created by his daughter Diane Disney Miller and tells the story of her father’s life from birth to death.  As someone who is also extremely close to my own father I appreciated this connection and the idea of his daughter telling Walt’s life story.  She was constantly approached to write a book and instead created a museum.  I’d say she got her father’s creative gene.

The mission behind the museum was to tell the story of Walt’s life, professionally and personally.

The Walt Disney Family Museum presents an inspirational journey through the life of Walter Elias Disney. Our mission is two-fold: to inform present and future generations about the man and, through his story, to inspire them to heed their imagination and persevere in pursuing their goals.  – WaltDisney.Org

I will tell you this is both an emotional and inspiring experience.  I can’t get over the idea that one man, Mr. Walt Disney created such a legacy.  As you walk through the museum you will see so many different rooms and everyone will take away something different from his story. For me, the fact that he left Kansas City after his business went bankrupt with just $40 in his pocket and a dream as he headed to the west coast was amazing.  So many of us are afraid to go after our dreams.

In my opinion the most beautiful part is he was truly just living out his passion.  He was building a legacy and not even knowing it.  While it is emotional to walk through all of the parts of Walt’s life, for me it was more of an inspiration.  To think that one man believed in these creative ideas so much that he didn’t give up is truly exceptional.

I highly encourage you to find time to go visit the Walt Disney Family Museum.  Disney plays a huge part in our life’s from childhood to adulthood and everything in between.  Disney’s creations give us beliefs that impossible is possible and a trip to the museum will give you even more encourage to follow in Walt’s footsteps and go after your dreams, big or small…a look at Walt Disney’s life will be the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

Find out more by visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum website and get tickets here!

Disclosure: I was invited on a press trip by Disney. However, all opinions are always my own. #Incredibles2Event

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