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Was Heather Martin Cut From The Bachelor Women Tell All?

After one of the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelor ever, fans eagerly tuned in to watch the women of Matt James’ season reunite! While the women obviously discuss the drama from the season, some fans paid more attention to the camera angles from the night.

Was Heather Martin Cut From The Bachelor Women Tell All? Here’s the scoop!

Heather Shows Up For Matt

(ABC/Billy Kidd)

Bachelor Nation fans remember the dramatic episode where Heather Martin, a previous contestant from Colton’s season, showed up to meet Matt.

Since the season filmed during the pandemic, Heather had to quarantine and receive a negative COVID-19 test before even meeting Matt.

While her experience joining the show took time, Heather’s time with Matt was short. In the episode, Heather shows up during a cocktail party and pulls Matt aside to talk. She explains that they share a mutual friend, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, who tells her that Matt is a great guy.

Heather says that Hannah thinks the two of them would be a great couple. Heather also explains that after talking with Hannah, she wanted to meet Matt. So, she asks him to give her a chance.

Unfortunately, Heather’s arrival is too late. Matt feels that his relationships with the women in the house are already too strong, so he sends Heather home.

The Bachelor Women Tell All

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Heather’s time with Matt is just a small part of the drama this season, so it is no surprise that the Women Tell All episode does not include it. The episode itself gives viewers the impressions that Heather is not there. Nobody addresses Heather, Chris Harrison does not mention her, and there are no front camera shots that include her.

However, sharp-eyed fans watching last night notice that in some shots, Heather is seen sitting in the back row next to Kit Keenan.

One Twitter user asks, “@BachelorABC why are you acting like we can’t see heather sitting back there next to kit?!?! why was she invited and then WHY was she cut?”

So why do you think Heather isn’t part of the The Bachelor Women Tell All? Did she only attend part of it because she is only on a small part of the season? Fans are so curious!

Matt James’ Season

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Perhaps the best part of the Women Tell All each season is when the women get their chance to confront the Bachelor. Last night, Katie Thurston got closure, Abigail and Victoria thanked Matt for their experience, and Matt even explained kissing with his eyes open!

With Matt James’ season of The Bachelor coming to an end, who do you think will get his final rose? Tune in to find out!

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