7 Ways to Boost Your Career

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Do you know the feeling of getting stuck in the same career path without being able to move forward? If this is a struggle you’re familiar with, it’s likely that you’ve already been scratching your head as to find out the best possible way to get your career back on track. Whether you’re looking for a promotion, a job change, or simply attracting more clients if you’re a freelance entrepreneur, the last thing you want is to feel imprisoned in a professional cul-de-sac. There’s a very specific reason why we call it a career path: It’s because it is supposed to move forward.

If it doesn’t move, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong. Don’t panic, though. Something wrong doesn’t mean that you should rethink your career choice or resign from your day-to-day occupation. More often than not, encountering a slow path in your career can be easily resolved with the appropriate career boost. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a career boost is synonymous with going back to school though. Of course, you can improve your knowledge with the most relevant qualifications. But it’s not the only way to move your professional aspirations forward. Here are a few tips to get things rolling again.

#1. You don’t have to start from scratch

There are numerous professions where you can’t move further up the hierarchy without the appropriate qualifications. Yes, it means that sometimes you need to go back to school and learn your trade. But, a lot of adult learning programs, such as the online RNBSN program, offer the possibility to recognize existing skills and certifications, so that you don’t need to start from scratch. Additionally, transferring from a registered nurse to a bachelor study nurse as in this example can be part of an online program, which enables you to manage your work/life balance more efficiently. You don’t need to quit your job to go back to college. All it takes to pimp up your resume is a few hours every evening in front of your laptop, in the comfort of your home.

#2. Share your expertise already

If you’ve got a personal blog, you could make the most of it by sharing your knowledge and experience with your readers. For a lot of people, a blogging career comes as an additional source of income, for others blogging develops naturally over the period of a few years. A blog, however, provides you with a platform that you can use as a promotional background. If you’re a freelancer, you can create a blog where you discuss your projects and ideas and direct visitors to your portfolio. It’s a great way of introducing your skills and work to new potential clients. Even if you’re part of a company, you can use your personal blog to provide your opinion on current market trends or sector innovations. However, as an employee, you need to be careful about mentioning clients of the company. What you can do, though, is explain concepts and communications that are specific to your industry.

#3. Help others out of the goodness of your heart

If you’ve got no plan for your next holiday, you should be considering volunteering. Volunteering provides an excellent career boost, and can even help you to get that promotion you’ve been dreaming about. Indeed, you can gain a lot of experience from a volunteer mission, especially as it’s a way of showing employers that you’ve got the skills and commitment they need. More importantly, you learn to develop your skills in a new situation. Say that you choose to volunteer abroad, for example. Using a second language can prove effective. Or you can make the most of your soft communication skills to help get things and people organized.

#4. Expand that social network

Sometimes, all you need to get your dream job is to know the right people. Social networking is an essential part of your career evolution, and it can help you to get noticed. If you’re lucky, you can meet people in real life. But you can also turn to social media platforms to extend your network and get in touch with the most important influencers. LinkedIn and Twitter are excellent tools to attract the attention of employers and recruiters, for instance.

#5. Become a social media influencer

The next step in social media demands a lot more confidence. If you’re someone who likes to create new and exciting content, vlogging can improve your career prospectives greatly. A vlog, or a video blog, can serve as an online resume, or it can be a  great way of addressing sector trends. As videos are easy to consume, you will find that vlogs receive a higher attention range than blog articles. By showing your face and voice to share your expertise, you can already create a positive impression for future employers or clients.


#6. Get your name on a book cover

If you’re not confident in front of a camera, maybe writing is the best medium for you to share your knowledge. Blog articles can be tricky to notice, as the digital content is constantly increasing. There’s only so much you can do to get your article to rank on top of the search results! But you could consider writing a book about your area of expertise, as it could give you the attention you need to thrive. You can’t beat the reputation you gain from publishing a book about your industry sector.

#7. Become indispensable at work

Nobody is saying that you’re not a valuable asset at work. But making yourself highly visible for everyone can help your manager to understand your full potential better. From working on high-visibility projects to mimicking your boss’s priorities, you can make sure to become the person that everyone wants on their team. Also remember to keep your CV updated, so that if your employer doesn’t notice your efforts, then someone else might.

Boosting your career is a happy mixture of knowledge, experience, visibility and influence. It’s not only about the kind of degree you’ve got. It’s about the way you choose to showcase your skills and expertise. The more you shine, the more people notice you.

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