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Ways To Help Refine Your Focus

Have you found your attention span dwindling? You’re not alone, especially in the current state of affairs. Pandemic fatigue has set in for most of us, and we are all struggling to focus or retain information. But you have to remember that developing focus is much like developing our physicality. It’s a muscle that you can build up, just as long as you work at it. Let’s show you how you can learn to focus. 

Put Music On 

There has been an abundance of studies that show music playing can help you to focus on your thoughts. Depending on what you need to do, you need to find the right type of music for your task. It’s been shown that classical music is better for studying, and if you have to knuckle down, there are great pieces of royalty free piano music and classical pieces that you can use to your advantage. There are studies that say that you need to like the song to help you focus on your own thoughts, but at the same time, if you need to focus on something, it’s about blocking out everything that can distract you. This is why classical music and piano pieces can work very well because they are loud, but without being overbearing. 

Understand Where You Need to Place Your Focus 

Can you identify what takes pole position for your focus? When you are trying to pay attention to something, the important thing to remember is that you have to incorporate that focus into the flow of your work. We can be distracted by a multitude of things, this means our focus is, understandably, all over the place. If you start to prioritize what you need to focus on, this gives you a target. When you are trying to focus on a specific task, you can find yourself distracted by a multitude of things. Sometimes, we find there are thoughts competing for pole position in our brain, but if we recognize they are not essential, we can perform a brain dump. Write down any random thought that pops into your head, whether it’s a thing to do or something that is distracting you. It is there for you to address later on and see if it was actually an important thought. 

The Importance of Preparing Your Brain 

If we are to focus properly, it’s not just about being able to dive right into a task, but we need to take a minute or two to relax, and let our bodies and brains calm down before we approach our work. Much like an athlete warms up before they start their exercise, you need to do the same. And what you can do is make sure that every day, you are preparing your brain for what you need to do. If you sit there and listen to your thoughts, and realize there are things taking your attention, you can gradually work to remove these. We can be overwhelmed with stress, but the fact is there are things to take the stress out of life at home. From devices to actually taking the opportunities to unwind. It’s also worth pointing out that if you have scatterbrained attention, you might very well be overworking your brain. Stop thinking!

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