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A Template to Organize Your Holiday Shopping List Now

When it comes to the holidays, it’s never too early to prepare for the inevitable chaos that lies ahead. Especially with the planning, shopping, decorations, cooking, etc. All of this on top of work or school, oftentimes makes it difficult to keep up.

To help you beat this year’s hectic holiday season, we have compiled a list of five simple, yet effective ways you can get your holiday shopping list together. We know going through this crazy time alone can be very nerve wracking, that’s why we’re here; to better ease your stress. We have also attached a template at the end of this article to make things easy on you! So take a deep breath, you’ve got this.

Here are six ways to organize your holiday shopping list, starting now.

Begin by Setting a Budget

Before doing anything, you’ll want to create a budget to work around. Don’t forget to include the expenses outside of gifts. This would be your wrapping paper, gift cards, gift bags or even food emergencies (burnt turkey anyone?). Determine beforehand how much you’re willing to spend for the entire holiday and after you have a number in mind, use it throughout your shopping trip(s) to guide you.

Record the Cost of Each Item

If there’s any better time to start planning for holiday purchases, the time would be now. Nowadays, finding the cost of anything, is as easy as looking it up online. It’s also a particularly good way to find the best price for gifts and ingredients. When including the costs into your total, remember to factor in any coupons you may have (trust, it makes a difference). Knowing the cost prior to shopping, helps you to stay on track with your budget and saves a lot of headache in the end.

Categorize Recipients by Association

An easy way to prevent confusion when crafting a holiday shopping list— a gift shopping list specifically, is to divide up who you are giving gifts to, based on your relationship to the person. To do this, you can either have different sections on your list dedicated to specific groups or you can even have them on separate lists all together. For instance, one list could be for family, and the other, colleagues and acquaintances. Just choose what best works for you.

Include the Stores You’ll Shop At

Once you find the stores with the best prices of the gifts you’re looking for, it would be a good idea to jot it down, so you don’t forget and have to repeatedly look up the location. Including the store on your list will help make your overall trip less of a hassle. It also doesn’t hurt having everything in the same place, where it’s easily accessible.

Keep Track of the Item’s Status

Placing a little check mark next to the completed item is enough to show that it has been purchased and/or wrapped. This is another effective way to make sure no one is left out of the gift receiving and no items are missing from your holiday dishes. The worst feeling, is feeling like you’ve accomplished everything, only to later discover you’ve forgotten someone’s gift or an important ingredient in your signature dish, but with just a check mark, these disasters can be averted.

When in Doubt, Print a Pre-made Template

A great way to save time and stay organized is to ultimately, use a pre-made template, like the one one we have provided above. It has everything we listed and it’s fast, simple and free-to-print. Simply download the image and print! We greatly recommend this tool for anyone with a busy schedule.

Now that you have everything you need to get started, you’re all set to step onto the holiday battleground. Let us know how it goes, we would love to hear from you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.