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How to Wear The “Bralette” Trend


When a new trend hits the fashion scene, it can be hard to figure out how to incorporate it into your daily wardrobe. You may feel insecure about if you’re wearing it correctly or be unsure that you can “pull it off.” These things can be particularly true when it comes to wearing a bralette. Giving new life to an item that was once always hidden can be a challenge, but one full of stylish possibilities.

What Is a Bralette?

A bralette is somewhere in the happy medium between bra and lingerie. It comes without the hassle of underwire but provides enough coverage to wear throughout the day. Some have cups, most don’t. Bralettes come with a variety of straps from spaghetti to halter to racerback. They can add edge or femininity to an outfit by being visually pleasing, and versatile depending on how you decide to wear one.

Which Style Suits Me Best?

The good news is, bralettes can be found virtually everywhere. What began as a trend on runways such as Prada in 2016 has now found its way into downtown boutiques, H and M’s, and even Targets! Deciding which style(s) you want to try is key in being fashionably creative with a bralette. Some prefer lacy halter bralettes that are sweet and romantic. Others will go for a more simple, cotton version that fits like a sports bra and is sporty chic. Depending on the outfit you’re assembling, you may want something with a high neck or sheer cut outs. Bring a few options to a fitting room in order to determine which you gravitate towards.

How Should This Fit/Feel?

You can know what a bralette is, and find some that fit your closet, but nothing else will matter if you feel uncomfortable or out of place once you’ve got it on. So, it’s important to keep in mind that your size may be different in a regular bra as opposed to a bralette, which mainly comes in non-numbered sizing. When wearing a halter bralette, the back shouldn’t pull your neck down and constrict you. You’ll want something fitted and close to the body, while also feeling breathable. Another aspect to note, is that chestier women might want to go for a bralette that has cups or add a push-up bra underneath for added support for certain occasions.

When to Start Experimenting 

Right now, I have been living in bralettes. And (shh) the main reason isn’t for its aesthetic. Most days, I just don’t want to be wearing a bra, and bralettes allow you the best of both worlds. They feed the fashionista in you while also being comfortable and easy to toss on during days where you just “can’t.” So, when experimenting, I like adapting my bralette to whatever outfit I’m wearing that day.

If I’m wearing a low cut top and want to add an extra layer, I pair it with a high neck bralette. It gives a peekaboo of lace detailing without being overtly bra-like. I usually do halter bralettes under sundresses or a romper. But it also works for casual days, as a pretty cut-out on the side of an airy tee shirt. Some girls double their bralettes as crop tops with high waisted shorts and a plaid or mesh top over it. My personal favorite lazy yet cute bralette look is to pair one with a pair of overalls and an oversized sweater or button-down.

The first thing fashion should be, is fun! Don’t feel pressured to fit into a trend that doesn’t fit you right back; adapt bralettes to your style and share your favorite outfit ideas. Long live the bralette! 

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