A name for a running team that's both fast and fierce.

Fast Cheetahs

A great name for a crossfit team of sisters who love to get swole (muscular).

The Swole Sisters

A great name for walkers who do it all day everyday!

Walking 9 to 5

This is a great name for an outdoor cycling squad that likes to race eachother while they train.

The Chasers

This is a perfect name for a bicoastal hiking group!

Coast To Coast

This is the perfect name for a large team of swimmers who strike up fear in their competitors.


These climbers are the kings of the mountain.

Altitude Boss

A great name for a team that's always at the gym.

The Gym Rats

A name for a team that's all about following their dreams.

Dream Chasers

This is a clever name for a running team that always gives it their all.

Running on Empty