“Wh-Why him? He’s a peasant, he’s stupid, short, loud…” -Noelle

“You made it clear how you operate. There’s no way in hell I’m going to acknowledge your justice!” -Asta

“Who cares about that? Beauty doesn’t mean a thing during battle. To win, you have to be strong.” -Yuno

“Your destination has already been decided. Do not take unnecessary action.” -Nozel

“You can’t protect others with pride, and the trust of others comes with merit.” -Julius

“I’ll become the Wizard Emperor, and prove to everyone that anyone can be awesome.” -Asta

“I came to mock you all.” -Zora

“If you die, I’ll kill you. That’s all!” -Yami

“You can enjoy the festival too, Emma! Royal or noble, commoner or peasant – It doesn’t matter! Everyone can have fun together!” -Noelle

“Don’t leave something so important with me! Survive and make your own dream come true! Don’t give up, you idiot!” – Asta