“I see myself as a patient. We all are. Only the truly mad think they’re in control of their life.”

- Kate

“For countries that have no recourse to justice, for people who believe that day will never come, we’re trying to make a difference. Thank you.”


“Your mother. Don’t be too hard on her memory. She only ever wanted to give yours back.”

- Michael

“I only care about things I can do something about. And now, I can do something about this.”

- Eunice

“This case… Better than the box set of Seinfeld.


“I don’t remember any of it, just what I’m told.”

- Kate

“Because once you’ve been touched by evil, it never let’s go."


“Baby, I got a problem with everything.”

- Kate

“I’m not gonna be a tourist to my own history.”

- Kate

“We have a duty to memory.”