”Pregnancy and in jail? Parents must be proud.”

- Marco

”You cannot put a price on the power of creativity.”


”I do feel bad for those two. It’s really sad. It is. It’s really sad. Things are going great for me though.”

- Ros

.”That’s the beauty of prison though. Freedom.”

- Sal

”I don’t want to spook anyone, but I think this could all go to sh*t.”


”Be an a**hole to them before they’re an a**hole to you.”

- Anastasia

”The Kardashian story is my story. There’s a little bit of all of them in me.”

-Big Viv

”If I’ve got a chance of surviving while I’m in here, I’ve got to stand my ground.”

- Ange

”Hashtag life goals.”

- Marco

”Musicals? In prison? Hell to the yes.”