“Nothing is ever too hard for you when you’re living your dream.”

- Irene 

“Irene and I are connected. When she dances, it’s like I’m dancing, she needs me by her side.”

- Aurora

“Dancing is for nightclubs. You’re here for something else.”

- Norma 

- Aurora's mother  

“Don’t hide, let them see you.”

"You know I have a hand in every court in Madrid, I can force you to testify.”

- Irene's mother 

"You don’t even believe in yourself.”

- Ruth  

- Irene 

“You can stay here if you want, I don’t feel like going inside at all.”

“Hey Giselle, are you coming to the party tonight or are you afraid we might put something in your drink?”

- Israel 

“I swore I’d be here with you, right?"

- Aurora 

“You know what happened the last time you were together.”

- Aurora's mother