“I don’t wanna have any regrets when I love someone.”

-Song Ji-a

“I feel so shy around her, that I can’t even look at her. I thought it meant I was attracted to her more. That’s why I chose her.”

-Choi Si-hun

“Watching you in the morning makes me happy.”

-Oh Jin-taek

“This is like the pirate ship ride.”

-Kang So-yeon

“Aren’t there others you wanna get to know better?”

-Shin Ji-yeon

“It was like a wake-up call to me.”

-Moon Se-hoon

“My eyes are fixed on you.”

-Kim Hyeon-joong

“Everyone says I look like a puppy.”

-Kim Su-min

“But my feelings come first.”

-Cha Hyun-seung

“I wasn’t thinking anything when I walked down here on the first day, I was nervous.”

-Kim Jun-sik