“It’s like my body knows that pregnancy is different.” -Melinda

“Wow, that was easy. I was expecting more back and forth.”  -Jack

“My memory of those events is vastly different than yours.” -Doc

“Those two have  more sparks than a  4th of July parade.”  -Hope

“Charmaine, I can’t know this, and now I do know this, and I can’t un-know something that I already know!”  -Hope

“Why didn’t I just  let your call go to voicemail?”  -Mel

“But the thought  of not having  you in my life is  so painful.”  -Mel

“Your degenerate grandson defiled my niece.”  -Connie

“I know I’ve been a little gruff lately, but I’m gonna try to  be in a better mood from now on.”  -Doc

“Brady for a little man, you sure  got a big mouth.”  -Preacher