“I’m not planning to marry you. How can I marry someone I’ve only met once?”

- Nadia

"Do you know that human embryos go through a stage where they have slits in their necks like fish? Isn't that adorbs?"


"It would’ve been my college tuition and probably a racehorse."

- Nadia

"In our house, a Coney Island, is the thing that would’ve made everything better, if only it had happened, or didn’t happen."

- Chez

“Oh, would you let, uh, Mr. Lincoln exercise here?"

- Nadia

"Oh, no one deserves what they get in life. That’s not how it works."

- Ruth 

“Nobody understood me until I had you."

- Lenora

“It's nice not to have to worry what people think when they see me."

- Alan

“I don’t make the rules. That’s history."

- Nadia

“"Dead men get all the plaques."

- Maxine