10 Best Quotes from Season 2 of Altered Carbon

“Told in the age of eternal life, technology has conquered Death.” 

-Takeshi Kovacs

“My father used to say that a cease-fire was just a breath between battles.”

-Danica Harlan

“Arrows and bullets all spent with sadness we fall. But unless I smite my enemy, my body cannot rot in the field.”

-Tanaseda Hideki

“Of all the wild beauty, distant stars, I will miss you most.”

-Edgar Poe

“The fruit of the tree belongs to the tree.”

-Takeshi Kovacs

“We brace our backs against the void, desperate to hold onto the past, to our ghosts, to ourselves.”

-Takeshi Kovacs

“Fear holds you back. It keeps you from seeing the world as it is.”

-Danica Harlan

“They say, ‘Storms make a tree’s roots grow deep’.”

-Quellcrist Falconer

“My name carries its own weight.”

-Takeshi Kovacs

“Children should not be used as instruments of war.”

- Quellcrist Falconer