“Dream big dreams. That’s what I always said, right?” -Buster Moon

“I knew you were a weirdo!” -Nooshy

“Oh my gosh, I’m like, so into vintage right now.” -Porsha

“You’d better have Calloway by the end of next week, or so help me!” -Mr. Crystal

“We should have this cool alien tango scene.” -Gunter

“Gunter, Sci-Fi musical! You’re a genius!” -Buster Moon

“Tippy toes! Tippy toes! I don’t see your tippy toes!” -Klaus

“It’s literally my dream come true.” -Rosita

“I counted 9 smiles, 2 belly laughs, and 3 chuckles. Though the last one may be gas.” -Miss Crawley

“No, sir. I’m not a loser.” -Buster Moon