"He started a GoFundMe for a kidney transplant!"

- Lauren 

"Why don’t you Harmony Ignite your asshole!"


"That’s my appeal, bitch!"

- Krystal 

"I love the one where you and your cat are lip-synching to that scene in Harry Potter."

- Sean

"I’ve loved you for a thousand years and I will love you for another thousand years."

- Anika 

"Good night, sweet prince. Go to that beautiful light!"

- Gunther 

"Listen, I’m sorry, I’m trying to care, but it’s hard."

- Dieter 

"People go to see the movies to see dinosaurs blow up and die."

- Darren

“I’m being fucking human being mistreated!"

- Marti 

"You know what, the biggest mistake that I have made on this movie is not being on drugs to whole time."

- Carol