“Dreams. Dreams are expensive. It’s even more expensive for a kid without parents.” -Jisoo

“Are you a loner or something? Why are you always by yourself?” -Gyuri

“Shit. He sure is mysterious.” -Minhee

“Don’t mess with him. Don’t mess with Oh Jisoo.” -Gyuri

“Why do you need money? Isn’t your family loaded?” -Jisoo

“Shit, we’re just dating. Why do you need my heart?” -Kitae

“Mister, have you shot and killed people?” -Minhee

“It’s not that I’m crazy about him, but more like… He’s fun. He can be quite amusing.” -Gyuri

“You have to cut deep along the vein to die, but I couldn’t figure out exactly where.” -Gyuri

“What else could I do? She was about to die.” -Jisoo