- Ben  

“Dad, who are these people?”

- Marcus

“It’s over. Go. Don’t come back.”

- Klaus 

“I nearly died from Luther’s sleep farts last night. We need to get out of here!”

- Five

“They all died on the exact same day, October 1st, 1989.”

“Ready to hotwire this briefcase?”

- Lila

“I’m not special like you. I wasn’t made for this power.”

- Harlan

- Klaus 

“Ding dong, who’s at the door? Me.”

“We were just messing around, and it was fine. Until the gun went off.”

- Stanley 

“I’m afraid there’s no tapping out in the real world, children.”

- Reginald

“Every time I build a new life for myself, you end the world and take it from me!”

- Allison