- Abby

“We are exactly where we need to be. We’re doing fine. Fran Fine.”

- Tammy

“Just remember guys, whatever gets said it’s probably what the person has always felt, and the alcohol just let it out.”

- Devon

“How old are you turning, little mama, 21?

- Naomi 

“I want to dedicate this song to my beautiful friend Rebecca. This is for you, honey.”

“It’s my birthday and I’m not gonna lay here and watch the clouds go by.”

- Rebecca

“Ronald McDonald for making Filet-O-Fish”

- Val


“What did I say last night? I feel like I went on and on about somebody’s mom."

“Let me know when it all falls into place ‘cause last time I checked; this world’s pretty selfish.”

- Abby 

“I feel like the universe is gently nudging you to chill.”

- Rebecca

“From one old lady to another, get over all your shit, ‘cause it is later than you think.”

- Lady Sunshine