10 Best Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles Quotes

“I’m not even warmed up.” 


"And I know I have to try, because my auntie taught me to always protect those who need protecting.” 


“Ha! I’m never impuls…Is that a yo-yo?” 


“Tomorrow, I ask for a raise.” 


"You act without considering the consequences."


“Everyone here thinks Miyamoto Usagi was a villain. I have to prove it’s  not true."


“I bet we look so cool right now. Oh, man, someone get a picture. Come on.” 


“It’s the Yokai. Yokai are made of spirit energy.”


“Usagi, my true power isn’t changing shape. It’s seeing what’s in your heart. And in your heart, you know you put this whole city in danger.” 

-Dare Mo

“All ears, no brains!”