10 Female Empowerment Group Names

Boldly Beautiful

This name describes those who are brave enough to take action towards empowerment and 'beautiful' to describe women.

Boss Babes

A fun, playful name to encourage female bonding.

Heroic Leaders

Women are just as capable of leading a movement, a company, a household, etc., as anyone else - why should gender hold us back?

Liberated Ladies

There's power in choosing how we spend our days and what we put up with, so let's do it!

Rising Tides

Describing how we can drive change and improve our communities and ourselves by supporting each other and standing up for what's right.


Using 'super' here as a play on the words superpowers which we all have as women!

Sisters Of Steel

This name refers to how strong we are when we band together and support one another!


Describing ourselves as goddesses who are all empowered & able to empower those around us too!

Soul Sisters

Describes how we're all connected through our femininity & also describes how we're able to empower each other.

Fabulous Females

This is the perfect name for a fierce group of women!