10 of the Best Quotes From Iconic Christmas Movies

“Maybe Christmas, perhaps…means a little bit more!” – The Grinch

“This is extremely important. Will you please tell Santa that instead of presents this year, I just want my family back?”  – Kevin McCallister

“Yesterday, she couldn’t sleep. Today, she won’t eat. She’s in love.” – Judy Haynes

“I will honor Christmas in my  heart and try to  keep it all the year.”  – Ebenezer Scrooge

“I believe, I believe, it’s silly, but I believe.”  – Susan Walker

“I want my house to be seen from space!”  – Buddy Hall

“I’m a cotton-headed ninny muggins!”  – Buddy the Elf

“I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”  – Hans Gruber, Die Hard

"I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright."  - Oogie Boogie