She will do everything in her power to keep a smile on your face.

She tries very hard to make you happy

This confident sign knows exactly what it wants from life and how they’re going to get there.

She is always as straight as an arrow with you

she wants to see you and spend quality time.

You will always find a way to spend time with each other

A Leo lady is not ashamed of any kind of affection towards her significant other.

She won’t be afraid of showing how much she loves you

This sign is not shy about showing how they feel and that means that she either loves you or hates you

A Lioness doesn’t play games with hiding her feelings either

This regal sign has a sense of territorial ownership that even the most jealous of other Zodiac signs will have to admire.

If a Leo woman likes someone it means that he belongs to her and nobody else

Lionesses are the opposite and she won’t think twice about bragging about her latest conquest

She’s not shy about flaunting her love for you in public either

She has healthy self-confidence though, and doesn’t compete in a long-term relationship.

Leo women are extremely competitive but it’s always out of love

Lionesses are extremely loyal to their best friends and always make sure that they prioritize them

If she tells you that she’s busy, she probably is

if you end up meeting someone that wants to join the club, they will welcome them with open arms!

She doesn’t mind sharing you with somebody else