The first step to manifestation is getting clear on what you want. What are your goals?

Once you know what you want, it’s time to gather the materials you will need to create your manifestation vision board.

Next, start flipping through magazines and cutting out images that represent your goals and dreams.

Once you have found all the images you want to use, it’s time to start pasting them onto your vision board.

Then, write down a few affirmations that relate to your goals, and paste them onto your manifestation vision board.

Next, decorate. Make your manifestation vision board your own by adding in any other elements that inspire you.

Once you are done hang your manifestation vision board up in a place where you will see you it often.

Whenever you look at your manifestation vision board, take a few moments to close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving your goals.

The next step and the key to manifestation is believing that it is possible.

Finally, in order for manifestation to work, you need to take action towards your goals.