10 Best Telescopes For Viewing Planets, Galaxies, And Stargazing

The Aomekie Refractor Telescope is an affordable option with a 70 mm aperture and comes with a tripod and adapter for your phone. The telescope can magnify up to 5x.

 Aomekie Refractor Telescopes

This is the perfect telescope for those that live in a big city and want to go out to the countryside to get a clearer view of the sky. Why? Because this telescope is portable!

Hexeum Telescope

The best part is the portable nature of the telescope and the phone adapter for exact photos onto your mobile device.

TELMU Telescope

The Celestron Powerseeker has a much wider lens compared to the majority of telescopes previously seen. This allows for a larger view and a much clearer interpretation of the night sky!

Celestron Powerseeker

This small but mighty telescope is frequently discounted and can provide you with some of the highest magnitudes of magnification that you can find for a beginner!

BEBANG Telescope

A 5in aperture, allows for a compact but broad and clear view of what the night sky has to offer us. The automatic mount allows the telescope to readily swivel on command.

Celestron Nexstar 5se

While it looks mighty bulky, the telescope can be taken apart into two pieces and it totally fine on the go! This allows beginners or skilled gazers to have a fully immersive experience.

Orion Observer Equatorial Refractor

This beautifully designed travelscope is perfect for just as the name states, Travel! With various interchangeable lenses, this is the ideal telescope for beginners.

Celestron Travelscope

The Gskyer Telescope offers a 400mm tripod base, allowing children and adults to comfortably adjust the stand and view the stars.

Gskyer Telescope

A telescope with the red dot finder helps you focus your views on specific items in the sky for a clear view.

Tasco Spacestation