“Better Nate  Than Ever” Movie Review

Better Nate Than Ever is a coming-of-age Disney film based on the book with the same name by Tim Federle.

This touching film explores family relationships and dreams that are bound to be inspiring and memorable.

This musical film shows us that having support will immensely help with achieving ones’ dreams even if you’re a 13-year-old who decides to flee Pennsylvania for The Big Apple.

The support of his cool brother, his dramatic aunt, and his awesome friend help him off the ground towards the spotlight.

Unexpectedly, Better Nate Than Ever helps to rekindle relationships between family.

The dream-like musical scenes fit perfectly with the movie. Even if you don’t have dreams of becoming a Broadway star, Better Nate Than Ever places you under a spell to encourage you to reach for your dreams, whatever they may be.


Watch Better Nate Than Ever on Disney+ April 1st!