D23 Expo 2022 Introduces Upcoming Disney/Pixar Movies and Shows

Strange World reveals realistic aspects including family and overcoming their differences. They must see past their differences to save the world full of danger.

After resurrecting, the three witches are looking for revenge. It’s up to three high school students to prevent the witches from eliciting chaos in Hocus Pocus 2.

Instead of following Wendy’s siblings and other characters, Peter Pan & Wendy will dive deeper into Wendy’s character as she embarks on a journey with Peter Pan and learns about his relentless rivalry with Captain Hook.

The Haunted Mansion is about a mother and her son who seek out spiritual experts to help them cleanse their home of supernatural entities.

Another series to make its appearance on Disney+ is the African-inspired series, Iwaju. The coming-of-age story follows Tola, a young heiress from the wealthy island.

One of the most anticipated announcements from the D23 Expo is the live-action film, The Little Mermaid. Fans were serenaded by the classic song, “Part of Your World” while meeting Ariel (Halle Bailey) herself.

Coming in 2023, Elemental follows Ember and Wade where air, water, fire, and land residents coexist in one city.

Pixar’s first long form series, Win or Lose follows a co-ed middle school softball team on the path towards the championship. 

Wish follows Asha, an optimist who cares deeply about her community. When she faces a difficult situation, she pleads with the stars and wants to prove that magical things can happen when you wish on a star.