The Burberry label is an iconic British luxury brand that carries a beautiful variety of handbags. Burberry is known for its worldwide fame as it is one of the most popular English traditional houses that makes such quality luxury goods today.

The majority of bags made by the Burberry company have a leather tag and a metal plaque, these are key in helping authenticate your bag. If the bag has a metal plaque the rest of the detailing along the bag should match the color of the plaque.

The small detail is key in authenticating your Burberry bag such as where the red lines meet. Take a look at the stitching on the purse and make sure it is even and consistent.

The text of the Burberry logo should be placed just under the medieval knight Genuine Burberry purses feature an embossed gold or silver logo on the front of the bag, while fake purses often have a lower-quality logo that is either stamped or printed onto the fabric.

Burberry purses are made with high-quality materials that can last for years with proper care. To keep a Burberry bag clean, especially while it is not being used, keep it in a dust bag.