Moon Knight is a miniseries revolving around the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Created by Jeremy Slater, Moon Knight mixes psychological horror, adventure, and superheroes all in one.

Bringing Moon Knight  into the MCU

Many of the Marvel comic characters have come to life on the big screen and we’re not surprised that Moon Knight is the next character to appear in the spotlight.

Fresh Take on Superheroes

Oscar Isaac reveals that “you’re just in the skin of this guy, and you’re seeing things happen.  You’re experiencing it just as he’s experiencing it.

May Calamawy first mentions her character Layla and describes her as strong “but at the same time, I felt like I got to play the full gamut of a woman."

Intriguing Characters

Mohamed Diab mentions his background as an independent director in Egypt. He describes how he came across the Marvel show, “I had other offers before to make big-budget movies, but I never connected to anything like this,

Personal Connection

Egyptian Perspective in Moon Knight

Mohamed Diab further comments on the Egyptian perspective within the Marvel series, “As an Egyptian, we always see us depicted or the Middle East depicted in a way that is."

Mohamed Diab perfectly wraps up his thoughts on the upcoming show. “You have horror, you have action, you have comedy, and you have very serious drama."

What Audiences Need to Know

Stream Moon Knight on Disney+  March 30th!